If you are among those who have had an asthma attack, you would always know how it feels like when you can’t get enough air into your body, and you become panicky with the thought of your lungs finally collapsing for life. An asthma attack is quite frightening for first-timers while inconvenient to those who have long been familiar with its main symptoms like chest tightness, wheezing, chronic cough, and breath shortness.

These days, we need to recognize the symptoms above and figure out an action plan to better manage asthma and prepare for the financial barriers. Asthma expenses, whether we like it or not, will burden us. Keep reading, and you will learn about what asthma treatment you may need like Budesonide, which has a Budesonide coupon, and realize that coping with asthma can still be possible and affordable.

The Asthma Controller

Budesonide is one of the many medications accessible for the management of asthma, particularly for the prevention of its symptoms. It is a corticosteroid or a cortisone-like medicine, which suppresses swelling in the lungs and mainly causes less severe asthma attacks. It is made available on the market in the form of an inhaler, nasal spray, rectal, or pill. However, you need a prescription from the doctor to avail of this medication. Furthermore, it is not available as a generic drug.

Before Usage

Before deciding to use this medication, you must first consult with your doctor regarding your condition or if you have a long history of other allergies. Also, know that there were no relevant studies on the medication’s safety and effectiveness for children below six (6) years old. The same is true with older people since most, if not all of them, have age-related problems with their heart, kidney, or liver that might upset their health if this medication is taken.

Pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding mothers, are advised to abstain from this medication as no relevant studies have also been performed to determine risks for both mothers and infants. Whether you have asthma or not, it is crucial that you consider fundamental matters before taking any medication to safeguard your health.

Your Medication Start Guide

Budesonide inhalers are only used to avoid future asthma attacks and in no way used for halting attacks that have already begun. Once the asthma attack has already unfolded, you must look for another doctor-prescribed medicine to get the relief you needed most. Only use Budesonide as directed by your doctor, and if you wish to stop using it, your doctor must be the first one to know. To experience the efficacy of this medication, you have to use it daily in doses administered adequately by your doctor.

The Medication Dosage

People with asthma will have different recommended doses. It will always be best to follow your doctor’s directives or the directions outlined in the medication label. If you ever find out that you and your fellow asthmatic friend have unlike dosages, never change unless your doctor advised you to do so. You must realize the fact that the amount of dosage you will be taking daily, the regular spacing of doses, and the medication duration will always be based on the severity of your condition.

Safety Precautions to Take

When you or a family member has started taking Budesonide, regular visits to the doctor is a must to ensure medication progress. It will only be in this way that you can verify if the medicine is properly working for the management of your asthma and its symptoms and also to probe if the medication has caused undesired side effects.

If the symptoms of your asthma have not improved within a week or two of using this medication or if the said symptoms have considerably worsened, immediately contact your doctor. Take note that the longer you use this medication, the higher your risk of having mouth or throat infections and decrease bone mineral density will be.

Unwelcome Side Effects

Budesonide is more or less the same with other medications since it also comes with some common and less common side effects. The only common side effect when taking this medication is back pain. However, the less common side effects include a sour stomach, throbbing headache, dry mouth, and muscle cramping. Meanwhile, other serious side effects involve swollen joints, indigestion, and difficulties in breathing and moving. Immediate medical attention is advised before the less common side effects will lead you to the serious ones.


Asthma that is severe and crippling will undoubtedly affect your quality of life, to include your family. During asthma attacks, you may have to miss important social gatherings, school works, and other work commitments. Managing this respiratory condition will also cost you big bucks. Hence, it is essential to know beforehand the treatment options to reduce its symptoms and thwart the severity of asthma. It is only in this way can we limit the effects of asthma in your professional and personal lives.