So you are ready to redesign and redecorate your bathroom but splurging $20,000 for the project is far from what you can afford.

Do not worry there are some fantastic bathroom renovation ideas out there that don’t require vast sums of money to change your bathroom into a fresh, relaxing space. There are loads of ways to redesign and renovate on a budget.

A cheap to average bathroom renovation goes for around $10,000 while a top-notch remodel is going to cost you approximately between $15,000 to $25,000. If you get creative and do the work yourself, you can narrow down the cost of materials down to $3,000. All this depends on how much you want to remodel.

For any home renovation it is important to do your research thoroughly. So, what can you do to save cash on your bathroom remodel or redesign?

1. Limit Your Tile

Tiles are expensive, especially when you employ a tiling contractor to do the work. Focus on high-impact areas like the floor and limit the amount of tile to save money. Also, you could tile one diagonal strip along the wall and paint the rest. If your heart is set on a tile that is expensive and artistic, use it alongside a cheaper tile as an accent. Not only will you save a ton of money, but your artistic tiles will also be easily discernible.

2. Save on Counter Tops

A common trend is to spend on granite countertops. Because the bathroom counter is so tiny, the investment is usually low compared to what you would splurge on kitchen counters. How can you save here?

For starters, look at the color. Neutral colors like light beige, brown, and tan are more common, which means they are more expensive. Take into account and price out a broader swath of colors to save money.

Purchasing a slab with imperfections is another way to save on granite countertops. The price will be lower if the blemish is more visible. Remember that a lot of surface area will be taken by a sink basin. So, if the imperfection is situated where the faucets or sinks will be, there is no cause of concern because you will not be able to view it regardless.

3. Paint

Repainting is perhaps the most effective and cheapest way to give your bathroom a new look if you do not have much to spend. However, it is going to take more time than you imagine. Why? Your bathroom might be the tiniest room in the house, but it is also the most complicated to paint.

You have to paint gently and slowly around the floor, wall corners, switch plates, toilet, mirror, sink, the shower or tub, and around the window. This takes patience and time, so ensure you keep this in when planning for renovation.


You can go with professionals for bathroom remodeling if you are not good with manual stuff. It is better to pay more than to mess up.

However, for individuals who are brilliant at these types of things, the mentioned ideas are fantastic and less costly!