Essential oils are basically the nutritional extracts of a plant. It is procured via steam or water distillation from the similar species of plant. The extracts are obtained from the leaves, stem, bark, roots, fruit, flowers and other vital parts of the plant.

The extract is then diluted with carrier oil and used widely in the world of aromatherapy. Examples of the most popular essential oils are: Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, baobab oil, Clove oil, Peppermint oil etc. Now let us discuss in detail about baobab oil.

Baobab oil

But the popular essential oils are not the only worth using oils. Every essential oil has various uses to its name. One such lesser known but highly beneficial essential oil is the baobab oil.
The baobab oil is as the name suggests extracted from the very seed of the plant via the process of distillation. The oil provides a plethora of uses because of the herbal nutrients stacked in them. However, the baobab oil has not become a hot cake in the market because its properties and uses are still under research. The baobab oil benefits are as follows.

    Benefits offered by the baobab oil:

  • Menstrual discomfort:

You can also dilute the baobab oil with carrier oils such as sesame or coconut oil and massage it onto your lower abdominal area. The latter method though will only help in easing of stomach cramps and not affect the duration of your period. baobab oil application also ensures that your menstrual flow is not irregular and diminishes the risk associated with uterus.

  • High Blood pressure:

Having high blood pressure means a whole lot of trouble and health issues for the individual. It is often the cause of severe headaches, blackouts and lack of stability. While it is easier to treat low pressure by consuming healthier food, high blood pressure cannot be treated but only kept in check.
This can be done with the help of the baobab oil according to clinical studies. When the baobab extract underwent animal testing, it was noticed that the prolonged usage of baobab oil in the animals resulted in the gradual lowering of elevated blood pressure in the animals.

The animals with normal blood pressure however did not undergo any changes and were not affected by the oil. The baobab oil has a somewhat relaxing effect on the central nervous system and promotes the expansion of blood vessels to diminish the pressure build-up thereby helping lower hypertension and high blood pressure.

The lowering of blood pressure ensures that you do not run the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and also prevents strokes. Its relaxing and sedative properties also make it the perfect agent for helping people facing anxiety and stress related issues. Inhalation of the oil or using it a diffuser will surely help you to relax and experience peace and tranquility.

The baobab oil also contains traces of limonene which basically acts a mild tranquilizer therefore aiding people with insomniac tendencies to fall into a deep and peaceful slumber.

  • Mosquito repellent:

If you create a gel containing 10% to 25% celery extract and apply it sufficiently on your skin it can repel mosquitoes for as long as 4 to 5 hours.

Also researches show if you can make a paste out of the products orange oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, vanillin and a celery extract of 5%, the paste will work as well as any commercial product that advertises to keep mosquitoes away such as Insert Block 28.

  • Cancer:

The scientific study book Cancer Letter released in 2005 stated that researches on several animals concluded that the baobab oil extract contains anti-cancer properties that thwart the growth or spreading of liver cancer.

It may not be strong enough to cure a disease as deadly as cancer but it diminishes the risks and acts as a prevention method. In recent times (2011) a study released that baobab extracts may also contain stomach cancer fighting properties.

Not only has the research for this been based on animals but on human cells as well. The baobab extract is likely to obstruct the growth or spread of stomach cancer by performing apoptosis which is basically a program that participates in death of cancer cells by stopping proliferation. Also, the extract’s antioxidant properties help reduce the risks associated with ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

  • Detoxification agent:

baobab oil promotes the dismissal of harmful toxins and substances from the body. The presence of natural chemical agents makes it a diuretic agent which helps the body to expel extra fat, bile, salt and other unnecessary toxins in the form of urine. All this ultimately helps prevent fatal kidney diseases.

Excretion of these wastes ensures the prevention in growth of kidney and bladder stones. The baobab oil maintains a clean kidney thus helping you lead a healthier life. The celery oil also uses its antihepatotoxic properties to help cleanse your liver.

The liver is the prime organ where toxins seem to accumulate. If detoxification of the body is not carried out properly the body dumps all its waste in the liver. Celery oil thus maintains maintain the two most vital organs of your body.

The celery oil must be used to create a blend with a carrier oil such as sesame or rosehip oil and massaged into the abdominal area to promote detoxification. Or you can just add a few drops of the oil in your bath and soak yourself in it.