Cloud Computing has brought with itself numerous benefits for companies around the globe. Game changing advantages like increased flexibility and cost control has led to hundreds and thousands of businesses turning to cloud infrastructure for their business operations. One of the major names of cloud services is Amazon Web Services, and it has been dominating the cloud services market for quite some time now, and there seems to be no stop to its unprecedented growth. For instance recently in their ReInvent 2018, AWS announced hundreds of groundbreaking new technologies and services, such as the implementation of 12 AWS groundstations which is set to make the accessibility of systems and information much more smoother and easier. As it is mentioned that all companies are turning towards cloud infrastructure, and a critical team member required to ensure that the entire system works perfectly is known as an AWS Solutions architect. This job position is one of the highly lucrative jobs associated with AWS, and if you are interested in heading towards this direction then work towards an AWS Solutions architect associate certification. This certification really goes a long way in showcasing that you have the required talent and experience, and there is no better option to train for this certification than by the certification training offered by QuickStart. In this article, we will be exploring some of the benefits associated with an AWS Solutions architect associate certification, which companies need to be familiar with.

Relational Database Services

One of the services and aspects of AWS, which an individual can master through the certification, is the utilization of Amazon Relational Database service and companies need to be familiar with this as it is source of great benefit for them. RDS helps in setting up, operating and scaling relational databases to the cloud. It provides a cheap and a resizable capacity while carrying out tasks through automation thus saving precious time as well. Most of the task require a lot of effort and brain juice such as hardware provisioning, database set-up, patching and backups, all of which is done under the RDS in an automated manner. RDS allows usability of several database instances along with providing familiar database engines which we can choose from such as Amazon Aurora, MySQL, SQL server and even Oracle database. Through AWS’s data migration tool, existing databases can be easily migrated or replicated to Amazon RDS. All in all, it provides a much more easy to administer, highly scalable, available and durable solution to the companies, because of which they should seriously consider training their employees for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification.


Another useful AWS service is the CloudWatch, which facilities monitoring and managing. This tool is used by solution architects to get actionable insights from monitoring applications, observe and react to system changes, utilize resources in the most effective way and get a holistic view of the entire operational health. The information collected is presented in terms of logs, metrics and events which act as a productive source of measure. CloudWatch also assist businesses in accessing data from a single platform, collect custom and granular metrics for AWS resources and grants visibility across applications, infrastructure and services. These tools and features end up having a great collective impact on the overall company’s performance and operations, which is why only this reason alone is sufficient for any company to enlist their employees within the IT department for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is yet another crucial piece of the puzzle which a company access after hiring IT specialists who are AWS solution architect associate certified. VPC facilitates in launching AWS resources in a virtual network, and allows complete control over a virtual networking environment such as selecting IP address range, creating subnets and configuring route tables and network gateways. VPC also allows easy customization of network configuration such as creating public-facing subnet for web servers, which are accessed to the internet. VPC also includes security measures to ensure the reliability and safety of the information and networks. Additionally, VPC involved multiple connectivity options too which allows the VPC to be connected to the internet, data center and other VPCs. Therefore, knowing how to operate and utilize VPCs is critical for any company, and this is all easily possible through acquiring the AWS solutions architect associate certification.

Identity and Access Management

AWS’s Identity and Access management (IAM) is related to granting each user and set of users a set of identity, which facilitates accessibility to the information and also ensures data security and confidentiality through limiting access to each and every individual. In order to protect special resources and services, permissions are issued so that not everyone can have a constant access to any particular resource. The access control is fine-grained through measures such as checking the user’s use, observing their IP address, identifying whether they are using SSL and whether they have gone through multi-factor authentication. IAM spans to mobile applications as well. So this was another one of the major benefits deriving from the AWS certification, as the company is then capable of operating and making use of the IAM standards waiting to be exploited by the users.


Finally, if there is one thing which a company definitely need to know about the outcomes of the AWS Solutions architect associate certification is the DynamoDB key-value and document database which delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale imaginable. The database can handle request exceeding 10 trillion per day and comes well equipped with security, backup and restoration options. So if you are managing a company looking to dramatically improve the overall cloud infrastructure and environment of the company than make sure to get your IT specialist trained through QuickStart AWS training so that they are more than capable of nailing the AWS certification exam and eventually bring all the benefits talked about in this article to your very own company as well.