Oceanic breezes fill the atmosphere with passion and romance when you are getting married or attend a wedding on a cruise. Either you are tying a knot while gliding over the sea, on exotic seashore or in an old mysterious chapel, destination weddings chains your love for one another with your love of traveling in beautiful settings. Cruise weddings, where your guests glide: offer an impeccable mix of time together and time to spend with each other. There is so much happening around on a big cruise that entrances everyone in a beautiful experience. It’s not just for the happy couple, the way cruises bring your friends and family together, makes it more special while you say your vows.

Cruising in Dubai helps you plan every detail to create memories that last a lifetime. If the wedding is set in dhow cruise Dubai Marina, the most important thing is your attire and accessories you carry with. The following should be well-thought-out when planning your cruise wedding:

Attire for the Cruise Wedding

The packing of clothes for every holiday has always been a challenge. With most cruise liners now offering a mix of formal and informal evenings at sea, it has become even harder to dress up for a cruise wedding ceremony. Hopefully, the wedding invitation will state whether the dress is “casual” or ” formal”, but a good rule of thumb for cruise wedding attire is to wear something you would put on in a beautiful restaurant on a sunny day. But what exactly does casual mean? How formal is formal wear? Do you really need to bring an evening dress, a cocktail dress or a tuxedo on a cruise?

Life on board is largely off-the-cuff, but you still want to dress up for the ceremony. Basically, being casual means pretty much everything. At wedding on dhow cruise Dubai Marina, it is usually windy so it would be better to avoid short skirt. The bride and her companions should make sure that their clothes are easy to put on, especially if the ceremony is taking place before sailing the home port.

For women formal wear means evening dresses, cocktail dresses and elegant resort clothing, at least think of sparkling top and black trousers. Formal wear for men refers to a tuxedo; it’s easy for the boys to look sharp without wearing the one. Moreover, you can ask the couple, if they are having a specific dress code, to blend in with the theme of the cruise wedding, follow it.

Search For the Cruise Type to Dress Accordingly

Every cruise ship has a peculiar interior! Look for details and how it fits your own style and comfort options it will make the wedding more enjoyable. Wedding on a cruise in Dubai involves great amenities that are exceptionally enjoyable.

Consider the Weather

Take weather forecast and accordingly plan your attire. You should be aware of the weather that evening when planning the wedding attire. A good idea is to arrive at the port a day early to make sure everything is alright and enjoy the city! And do not forget to inform your guests to reach on time. You ought not to send the invitations when you book your cruise, but tell your guests beforehand so they can plan their visit.

Choose Dresses According To Travel Length

The length of a cruise wedding is important to help you decide the types of attire. Usually, weddings length of dhow cruise Dubai Marina is between 3 to 7 nights and can go up to a fortnight. Consider the length of your stay on a cruise and during that stay what activities you would be doing. If there are poolside parties, cake cuttings, formal dinners then you have to plan the attire accordingly. Do not over pack, but prepare your attire to meet all your requirements.

Consult a Wedding Planner

Dubai Yacht rental makes planning your wedding stress-free with a comprehensive package. A wedding planner will help you from the beginning and you must have a wedding coordinator for the big day. As it is their everyday job they can easily advise you about the attire. You can also add flowers, favors, entertainment and other personal details to your wedding package and can easily design your attire that may suit the surroundings.

Dubai cruise weddings offer a variety of inclusive services so you can modify your package to your dreams. Choose an elegant seated reception, cocktails and appetizers or enjoy the onboard buffet with your guests. You can use various levels to select your favorite menu options. Once the ceremony is over, the stress is over. Enjoy the facilities and shore excursions, and be sure to find quiet corners on the deck so you can just enjoy being together as a newlywed couple!