If law students have the Bar exam, medical practitioners have the board exam, occupational therapists have the NBCOT exam too just like any of those professions.

Becoming a fully geared occupational therapy practitioner also has to undergo further studying and board-certification. That is what the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) is for.

NBCOT exam can help an OT student enhance his or her knowledge of the course with a thorough and evidence-based information base on the real-time experiences of the ones who are doing it on the field for years.

OTR examinees will undergo a 4-hour three (3) clinical simulation tests and 170 three and four-option multiple choice questions. Thus, makes this examination a complex and challenging one but really rewarding once you accomplished it.

Occupational Therapists (OTRs) are recommended to be prepared for the examination as this will be a great step up for their career.

Now, how can you prepare for this big test?

Highly recommended by board-certified OTRs is to enroll at Pass the OT exam prep for the NBCOT® exam.

Pass the OT may not be endorsed or affiliated by the NBCOT, but a lot of the successful Occupational Therapists this year said many of them passed with the help of this organization.

Over 2,000 OTR students who took the examination passed the NBCOT with the professional help of the online tutors from Pass the OT. That’s about 90% of the number of enrollees they had for many years. Some of them are repeat takers who almost lose their hope in passing until they did after taking this study prep.

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Here are the essentials of what Pass the OT can offer to occupational therapists students like you.

Pass the OT has eight (8) easy-to-use and easy-to-understand structured modules that will serve as your guideline for the examination.

  • Question and answer practice for timed and untimed quizzes

One characteristic that an OTR examinee should have is time awareness since he or she will only have 4 hours to finish answering the board-certification exam. This module will help you manage your time where they lay down to you complex questions which are almost identical to the ones you need to answer in the test. You can first take the untimed quizzes to be familiar of it first and see if you can answer them on your own. Once you are ready, you can take the timed quizzes and see if you can handle it just like how you would during the test.

  • Interactive presentations

Pass the OT still practice the traditional way of teaching which involves interactive lessons to the students. They prepared video presentations, charts and games which are really effective for them. These materials can help them easily remember things useful for the test.

  • Self-assessment guide

One of their important goals is to help each student have a personality development by doing self-assessment. They can give the student the guidelines on how one can narrow down his or her strengths and weaknesses that can help them keep their focus on certain topics they have difficulty with.

  • Study materials and clinical simulations

They give students highlighted notes and effective clinical simulations to add up some evidence-based information which one occupational therapist must know in their field.

  • 25 Key topics with mini quizzes

Yes, occupational therapy definitely does not sound complex as it is. However, there are 25 key topics you may have known or may not have known in your entire career. This will serve as a refresh of your knowledge and skills in the field.

  • Comprehensive Examination

This is how you will see if your study prep gave a huge impact to you in three months and a great practice for you before the test.

  • Online tutoring

If reading modules does not really help you a lot, enrolling for an online tutor would be best for you. Pass the OT have teachers who are dedicated and friendly which are also professionals in this field.

  • Study modules accessible via electronics

Learning has been made easy as it is now accessible via computers, laptops or even in your mobile phones.

These modules can pretty much help you out in studying well and preparing for the board-certification exam. There may be a lot of things needed to be learned, but this so far has been proven to have helped many OTRs just like you to move a big step forward in your career.

Register with Pass the OT today and start your three months of learning and studying for the big exam. Be one of those Occupational Therapists who now have more clients and opportunities than they ever had.