There has been an increased trend on the use of artificial grass in various neighbourhoods. This type of grass long scorned by horticulturists and other naturalists, has proven to be top-trending product as there have been 200% yearly increases in sales. In 2016, the Global Artificial Turf Market had a value pegged at $2.5 Billion, which is projected to reach $5.8 Billion in 2023. So why is this lucrative product essential to have? Here are the following reasons you need artificial grass.

  • It Does Not Require Mowing:

Owning an artificial grass carpet comes with low maintenance as compared to the cost and stress of mowing a real lawn. You have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your weekends on a beautiful green sward. Should you have something affecting its pristine look, a quick sweep or spray will resolve it. For you to maintain its immaculate appearance, it is ideal that you get it cleaned professionally once a year. For most companies, you get a warranty of 5 – 10 years life on the grass.

  • Recent Artificial Grass Have Been Upgraded To Look Realistic:

One of the problems most artificial grass owners had in the past is that it looked too green and good to be termed real. With more premium brands lately, their products have been made to look less than perfect – in other words, realistic. Some even have a super soft feel and dead grass infill which makes it look natural. In addition to this, some of the grass carpets have a length of nearly 5cm which gives it a shaggy look of a real lawn. To prevent the stems from laying flat, springs have been added to them, ensuring that they spring up after being flattened.

  • It Is Safe For Your Children And Pets:

Your children and pets can safely play on the grass as there no weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals being used. Dogs get overzealous sometimes while playing on natural lawns and end up destroying them. However, with an artificial lawn, it is easy to clean of dirt and maintain. It is commonplace to find many cities opting for artificial lawns in place of real ones as safety is considered a major priority.

  • It Always Maintain Its Pristine Appearance And Quality:

Artificial lawns can withstand harsh weather conditions. It maintains its evergreen appearance even places that get the most traffic. Its quality is also retained as it requires minimum effort to preserve. With this, you don’t need to engage in exhausting maintenance as your lawn is guaranteed to withstand wear and tear for some years. It is manufactured with materials that can withstand traffic, weather conditions of all types, and various climates. Even when exposed to ultraviolet rays, it will not lose its color.

  • It Does Not Require Watering:

Unlike green grass, artificial grass don’t need watering. The only time watering is needed is when it needs to be cleaned – which is done occasionally. Cleaning the lawn would require that you sprinkle the blades with a short burst of water to get rid of the dirt. Besides, it would help to reduce your water bill as well.

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