Congratulations on deciding to move to New Zealand! Now that you want to call Aotearoa your home, you have some decisions to make. Who will you trust to get your things to your new home?

It’s always best to be prepared when it comes to life-changing decisions such as a move abroad. Here, we run through some of the important questions to ask yourself when shipping your belongings to NZ.

What and How Much Do I Need to Move?

You need to arrange for a company to come and look at the number of items you wish to take. If you have managed to pack all of your belongings into boxes, then their quote will be different than if you are looking to move your furniture.

Shipping companies aren’t restricted to just household items, though. Some can move your pets and vehicles as well.

Where Do I Need to Go?

Your belongings can be shipped to the major ports located at the bigger cities or towns. From here you can arrange to pick them up yourself and take them to your new home.

Alternatively, companies can move your belongings from door to door. This is obviously going to cost more, but it represents a lot of value in terms of your time and effort.

How Do My Items Get There?

Preparing to relocate to New Zealand might seem particularly tricky, since it’s an island country. However, you have a few options, and they all vary in price.

Air Freight

This is the most time effective option for anyone in need of getting their items fast. However, larger items cannot be moved via air freight.

Exclusive Container

This is the most convenient method, and it’s good for anyone who has a lot of items to move. With options of 20 and 40-foot containers, you’ll have a lot of room. This option also means you get your own date of shipping, and you can choose the size of the containers, meaning you can often include a vehicle as part of the move.

Shared Container

This is a more cost-effective option, representing better value for anyone who is only looking to move a few boxes. You only pay for the space you take up, but shipping dates are dependent on how long it takes to fill the container.

Will I Need Storage Space?

Not everyone has a place for their items to go straight away. If you need storage in relevant to your new location, a good moving company will be able to help.

Do I Need Item Insurance?

If you’re shipping very expensive or fragile items, you might want to consider purchasing insurance. With a range of options depending on your items and method of shipping, you can ensure that if accidents occur, you are covered. If you are looking to get your items insured, you can often get a great rate through your moving company.

A good moving company will also be able to answer all your important questions regarding the big move. As you prepare to embark on your new adventure, be sure to choose the right company to bring you on the first leg of your journey.