Online gambling opens many questions. Casino legality is one of the burning issues worldwide. There are different jurisdictions and legislation which allow or prohibit online gambling. In the next words, we will discuss casino legality from the several views and existing jurisdictions.

Introduction to gambling legality

Online betting belongs to the grey area activities. The largest part of American states prohibits online gambling. Betting from homes is also forbidden but states rarely prosecute and convict players. On the other hand, the USA prevents casino to operate their businesses online. This is the reason why most gambling sites work outside of the country.

Registration at an online gambling site

Everyone who wants to take part in gambling activities should register at the casino platforms. Prior to making the next steps, players should check entry requirements including betting legality in their countries as well as age limits. Players are responsible to inspect whether the platform is legal and to accept terms and conditions. When there is no gambling allowance and players win some money, cash could be forfeit.

United States of America

If you are interested in online gambling in the USA, you should take into account several things. First of all, there is America where we don’t have any law against gambling. It allows players to place bets but only outside the country. On the other hand, players behave illegally if they place bets on USA located websites.

Even in the USA, we can observe different solutions. Firstly, there are states which allow online gambling. These are Delaware, which was the first country which legalized gambling, Nevada and New Jersey. Delaware legalized online betting in 2012, Nevada did it in 2013 while some months later New Jersey did the same.

When we talk about USA states which prohibit online gambling, here we can mention Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. There are two historical cases when players were convicted for online gambling activities. It happened in North Dakota in 2003 and Oklahoma in 2011.

Online gambling in the UK

The United Kingdom passed the Gambling Act in 2005 and established the Gambling Commission. This is the body responsible for issuing licenses to betting providers. The companies within the country can also operate the gambling activity. The only condition is approval by the Gambling Commission.

As you can see, online gambling is a legal activity in the United Kingdom if you fulfill age requirements. When you make some money, there is no tax obligation and you can keep winnings.


If you consider an Australian betting website, here you can find some useful information. First of all, Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001 which prohibited online gambling. There is a range of prohibited activities like roulette, online poker, blackjack and pokies. On the other hand, players can access sports betting websites and auto racing options. There are also land-based casinos, hotels, and nightclubs which operate gambling activities. Finally, if you want to play on local websites outside the country, this is another possible option.