In mythology, black unicorns are frequently used to symbolize rare and powerful strength. A white unicorn will be your beautiful, guiding good omen through a lilac field out of graceful fairy tale yore; the black unicorn will be your reliable flying warhorse through the arrow and viscera strewn battlefields toward Valhalla. Black unicorns mean an anomalous potency that can’t be found everywhere else. White unicorns and horses yield bonding adhesive glue, whilst black unicorns yield one of the most impactful, hard-hitting vape experiences on the market.

Since 2016, BLVK Unicorn E-Juice has set out to deliver just that very experience from South California to the masses, and it is an honor to have them be part of the My Vape Delivery family. Leading the three horsemen of smooth creamy puffs, aromatic palettes of grainy cereal, and sweet, juicy fruits, BLVK Unicorn will bring forth 30 to 60 milliliters of an apocalyptic, transformative wave of flavor to your lungs and taste buds. These four horsemen can be summoned through five distinct, special categories of channeling, and the following overview will encompass all of the spellbinding flavor brews to be found in My Vape Delivery’s BLVK Unicorn catalog.

BLVK Unicorn

The standard line of BLVK Unicorn vape juice flavors is tailor-made to hit the optimal nexus of industry standards. As the name implies, like a black unicorn’s horn, the Uni flavors are designed to impale your taste buds with the utmost displays of brute, flavorful strength. Uni is the quintessential prefix of “one”, and if you’re out to breathe in an intensely unifying experience of wholesale oneness, be it ripe Fuji (UniApple), a Melon-berry bowl (UniDew), a Special-K bowl (UniLoop), or saccharine strawberry bubble gum (UniChew) then this is the pick for you.


This incandescent blend of WYTE and BLVK Unicorn vape juice flavors is anything BUT bland, boring, homogenous monochrome. If you’ve got the sweet tooth for creamy, vanilla dessert delicacies, then this set of flavors will be the one to quench those cravings, available in blueberry UniCAKE, macadamia vanilla ice cream UniNUTS, or the coconut-pear juxtaposition of UniCOCO.


These flavor concoctions deliver on tangier variants of BLVK Unicorn’s fruity vape juice flavor fundamentals (in mango, apple, and berry formats) with the added frozen decadence of chilled production and cool menthol taste. A delicately simple crowd-pleaser with light, delicate availability of nicotine content (0-6 MG). Check it out today.


If you’re looking for more of a softer, gentler, My Little Pony vibe before you embark on the full-blown cavalry flight into battle, then you may want to opt for salt nicotine variants of BLVK Unicorn’s time-honored UniFruit formulas. Available in strawberry, grape, honeydew, lychee, and apple, you’ll be assured to have a lighter, more energy-efficient puff than traditional nicotine, with no sacrifice on the flavor front. See for yourself!

Milk box

Self-explanatory. With this line of BLVK Unicorn vape juice, flavors you can recapture the childhood nostalgia of chocolate, melon, and mango milk in every puff. Peruse accordingly here, and find the entire catalog right here.