The name Eau de Cologne (which translates to “water from Koln”) was first used in 1802 by an Italian perfumer, Johann Maria Farina, who had set up his home in Cologne, Germany. The name became popular and has remained so till day.

The eau de cologne is one product form of perfumes.

Perfume products come in different concentrations. Lifehacker compares different product forms of perfumes. From lowest to highest perfume concentrations, the various fragrance products are eau fraiche (1-3%), eau de cologne (2-4%), eau de toilette (5-15%), eau de parfum (15-20%), and parfum (20-30%). Perfume concentrations affect the initial intensity of the scent as well as the length of time the smell stays. With eau de colognes, the scent may last for two to three hours, compared to parfums, which will last for 8 hours or more.

Testing What’s Right for You

Most perfume products come in spray bottles. The highly concentrated parfums most often come in bottles, where the contents are usually dabbed. Before the invention of spray bottles and cans, people use perfume atomizer bottles. Today, there are handy perfume atomizers that are smaller, and we can carry in our purses.

The use of perfumes enhances our personality and grooming. It makes a statement of our presence in our personal space. Scents are part of our experiences, and particular scents can help bring back positive memories. We, therefore, have individual preferences for certain fragrances and select colognes (or other perfumes) based on our distinct personalities.

We may have already used a certain brand of perfume, but new formulations and brands keep coming out. Before buying a new eau de cologne, one should test it first. We want to know how it will smell on our skins. Perfume stores usually have tester bottles available in their displays.

High-Quality Perfume Concoctions

Some brands and stores have had a long history of making high-quality concoctions. Our search for new scents can be started with them. One such perfumer is Creed Cologne. We may begin with the brands they carry and ask for tester bottles in our local perfume stores.

Perfumes are classified and categorized depending on the major scents they carry – floral, oriental, woody, spicy, aromatic, fruity, and fresh. Each category may be further subdivided. With so many scents to choose from, it’s best to start with the ones that match your personality and style. It will be wise to know what brands fall into what category so you may limit which ones to test first. Creed Cologne provides a scent finder page to help you look for brands that fit your scent preferences.

Some generalizations may be helpful at this point. If you are buying an eau de cologne you have used before, prices are usually less on online stores than in perfume outlets at malls. Your eau de cologne is a statement of your personality, just like how your wardrobe is. You may want to change colognes depending on the season and time of day, just like how you change your outfit.


Finally, since fragrances will become part of your personal space, you may want to avoid overpowering scents and stick to more subtle ones. Your choice depends on how you occupy your personal space. However, eau de cologne might just be the best product form because of its subdued intensity.