Unfortunately, the whole world has already been traversed. Trying to find anything new would be a futile attempt. Not to add insult to the injury, but it’s been done many times. Upon reaching this sad realization, we can at least attempt to discover new ways of traveling. If the journey itself matters to you as much as the destination, you have ended up in a correct place. This article will show you alternative ways of traveling.

Husky Sleds

Some people just don’t enjoy the snow and low temperatures. It’s much easier to lie in your bed than to allow the elements to assault you freely. This vision, though, becomes much more bearable once there are fluffy balls nearby, called Huskies. If you are looking for experiences that are not unique to our times but those that characterized our species throughout the millennia, then look no further. The harness is now more durable, the dogs have gotten less wild, but a quick trek across the tundra will assure you that traveling via dogsleds has more in common with the lifestyle of the hunter-gatherers than that of a modern man.

Private Yacht Charter

If you feel that your life is too stressful, and you need a breather, you can rent a private yacht. It’s not as dangerous as other options on this list, but maybe some warm breeze in the hair is exactly what you need. There are different types of boats that you can rent, depending on the nature of the trip that you have in mind. If lying motionlessly while being surrounded by blue waters seems tempting, you can navigate to this website.

Chicken Bus

Are you afraid of the crowds? If the answer is “no”, then you should try traveling by those colorful vehicles. Most commonly found in Latin American countries, they are often driven by reckless drivers, which means that if safety is your priority, you’d be better off finding a different means of transport. Still, if you crave excitement, are not faint-hearted, then hop in! The adventure awaits. And possibly a few broken bones.

Suspended Railway

German railways may not have the most joyful associations, but this railway will reveal the heights not yet imagined. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you’ll feel like you are flying. Located in Wuppertal, it looks more like a rollercoaster than an actual railway. If you are looking for memorable experiences that will make you scream, “how am I not dead yet?” then this city, that’s also been dubbed as the greenest one in Germany, awaits you.

The Shotover Jet

If the previous idea seemed enticing, but traveling to Germany is not feasible, then you can experience something similar in New Zealand. Just with more water. This monster can reach up to 90 kph, which is enough to make you rethink your life. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then it’s a no brainer. Forget about German nightlife. New Zealand may be famous for its scenic landscapes and sheep, but it also has the means to appease your speed craving. Just try not to fall out.

Coco Taxi

If you love fruits, and would rather not risk your life, okay, maybe a bit, you should try Coco Taxis. Their name doesn’t stem from the fact that drug barons used them. Fear and respect are not emotions that they invoke. Instead, the name of those amusing vehicles that can be found in Cuba comes from the coconuts. Their innocent look shouldn’t fool you – the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada advise against using them, due to their lack of safety. There is a saying though, no risk, no reward. The choice is yours.

Camel Caravan

If you are not weirded out by their weirdly-shaped body and horse caravans are just not enough, then you can traverse the deserts on the back of those ungulates. Although initially, they may appear to be rather clumsy, their ability to weather any storm makes them superior companions in areas that are lacking in nourishment.


What is norry? Basically, it’s a bamboo platform with wheels and an engine that runs on tracks. Not everyone is a fan of trains, but apart from the dose of extreme emotions it provides, choosing a norry over a train cannot be logically explained. Unfortunately, for some people, this fact alone is enough. If you feel that nowadays our brains get stagnant because we lack excitement, then this is an excellent cure. You should rather avoid them if you have a family, but otherwise, you can try your luck.

Be careful

All of the options listed in this article can lead to unforgettable experiences, but don’t forget about safety. If you die, you won’t be able to tell your friends about the things that you have just witnessed! A healthy dose of common sense can ruin some of the better ideas, but it can also ensure your survival!