Return of the 70s fashion has brought with it fabrics and pattern trends that are just to die for. Laces ups are all the rage right now with the tie up trend taking the fashion universe by storm. You can wear lace ups with retro pieces to really bring out that vintage characteristic that they have. Alternatively try and incorporate them into new looks which are certain to be head turners. Lace ups are a great way to add detail to shoes and clothing.

Why lace ups are the trend for you

Why am I pushing you so hard to try it? Well don’t be so quick to dismiss lace ups. The beautiful lace up pattern is no longer limited to lingerie. You can apply this design on basically anything to suit your style. It’s a fabulous way to experiments with sexy, simple, casual or formal. Let’s take a look at why you should give the lacey trend a try.

  • Customizable trend

Make this trend work for you and your preferences. Lace ups are a common detail accessory for all manner of styles. You can custom lace anything to suite your unique style

  • Anything goes

Simple pieces of clothing can become stylishly detailed with some lace ups. With all those tutorials and DIY videos available on the internet, getting laced up is a piece of cake. Nothing is off limits with this trendy design so don’t be scared to show a little lace.

  • All those patterns

Lace patterns vary from simple to elaborate designs. Depending on your likes, you can get a small lace detail or an intricate bold design. The lace can be on your clothing or shoes.

How you can wear lace ups

Not sure how much lace is too much? Or you just can’t figure out how to be part of this fashion wave. Lacing up is actually quite simple.

Get yourself lacey shoes

Lace up shoes also range from a small ankle lace pattern to thigh high all lace up open toe boots. These shoes are the perfect way to add that final touch to your outfit. Size doesn’t matter with lace up shoes. Even the smallest detail adds so much character to your look. Prepare to turn some heads with this trend.

Your shoe choice is not restricted to high heels. Sandals are also part of this trend; with tie up Flatforms as an industry favorite. Rock that tie up trend in comfort and style with these sandals.

Buy some trendy clothes

The best part about lacing up is the variety. You can get laced up tops, bottoms or even dresses. Not sure what to pick? Jus browse a few options until you find something that makes you happy. Here are a few favorites you can check out;

Side lace up items

These are a great way to draw attention to your silhouette. Side lacing can go on bottoms, tops or dresses. A fashion favorite is side lace up sweater dress. Sweaters are a fashion staple in a woman’s closet. Why not add some spice to your sweater collection with a few or a lot of lace ups.

Grab a pair of side lace up black pants for those days you want to express your inner punk rock chick. These are great for showing some skin without giving anything away. You can wear them with plain colors and fabrics like denim to really bring out that lacey element.

Make your old clothes pop

Not all laced up items can be store bought. Converting simple items from your closet into bold lace up pieces is quite. You can get a few tutorials and learn how to do it yourself. Why don’t you catch up on your favorite episode of The Bold and the Beautiful while giving yourself a lace up boost? Nothing beats the feeling you get when you get complements for that top or that dress that custom laced yourself.

Dos and DONTS of the lace up trend

DO open yourself up to different locations and patterns of the lace. You might be surprised how much you’re going to love that lace detail on your shoulder.

DO go nuts. Like I said, anything goes with this trend; shoes clothes even back packs are an option Try out several options and see which lace up look you like best. Lace ups are a great way for bold fashion statements.

DO NOT get carried away. You may mean well but to not over lace everything. You will be basically committing fashion sacrilege with an over done lace ups. Remember, you’re only adding detail to your outfit, not entirely being covered in it.

How much is too much, well if the design is overwhelming your whole look, then it’s probably too much. Learn to hold back a little. If you’re going to wear thigh high lace up heals, you can’t have laced up pants and a fully laced up top. Be cautious not to turn your lace up detail into a fashion disaster.

Lace ups for men

I don’t mean that sexy lingerie that you’ll put for him. Guys can also get lace up items to amp up their looks. The most common lace up for guys is the lace up chest design. It adds so much detail to plain t-shirt and is a great way for guys to accessorize. You can even opt for closed lace ups on the back that are a unique conversation starter. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe or find a fashion forward gift for a special dude, why not get them a lace up item?

Final word

Lace ups are a fashion forward way to add some detail to your looks. They can be subtle or bold depending on your taste. You can incorporate them into your look with clothes or even shoes. Getting lace ups is quite easy. Doing it yourself is an option to turn boring pieces in your wardrobe into phenomenal lace up items.