Anyone who has his or her birthday would naturally expect to receive ‘only’ good things from the friends and relatives. However, times have changed, and the new, innovative, sarcastic and smart crowd does not hesitate to offend someone on their special day. It is where the rude Lima Lima Cards come in the picture with their full range of wacky birthday cards. These rude cards are known for their shocking graphic designs that are meant to offend and incite a laugh from the recipient. Indeed, no one expects to get a visual display of something that they always cursed others with; but that is the core element in this range of card.

What exactly are Rude Cards?

The ‘Rude Cards’ are the greetings cards with simple graphic designs on them that do not incite any reaction, till someone reads the explicit content printed on them. It could be a digitally designed image of an animal or a movie character and a whacky title to it, which would not make sense to most. However, people who have good knowledge of literature or who themselves use a lot of slang while talking to others; would undoubtedly follow the content.

Why are Rude Cards Given?

Giving rude cards on birthdays is a recent trend that caught up pretty quick among the youngsters. But then it became more prevalent for almost all and any occasion among close friends. Mostly it is given to make fun of the recipient, but with its offensive content; it is mainly given to close friends. The result of such a card on a birthday is a non-stop laughter riot.

What caution to take with Rude Cards?

Although, the objective to give rude cards is to have fun by shocking the recipient. However, caution should be there and it should not go to someone who easily gets offended and nurses a grudge. The ‘Not To Give’ list may also involve elderly people and reputed personalities of business as well as society.

How to choose a Rude Card?

Selection of the rude card is not much of a task. One has to select a card which has the most offending design and text, for the recipient. Sometime the selection may be a bit difficult because there are many options available and settling with just one is not enough. In such a situation, taking different cards and giving it to the birthday person through different people adds to the fun. However, one should be careful enough on not to add a personal text in the card that could be incredibly offensive to the belief or religious faith of the recipient.

In the end, rude birthday cards are meant to deliver fun, laughter and a time to remember in the coming years; among close ones. It does not intend to offend the recipient, yet to give a bit of shock and nothing more. Thus, the people who know the taste of the recipient well; must be the one to do the picking and bestowing of the card. It keeps dangers on the bay.