Most people trade nowadays. Asians and other countries aside from the United States and the United Kingdom are now studying trading and how they can get profit from it. This article features the basics of algorithmic trading and how every trader can benefit from it.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading utilizes a program in a computer that follows a particular group of instructions that gives one outcome, to place an automatic trade.

Trading works this way. For a trader or you to get profit, you have to track the speed and frequency of trades, which is quite impossible for a human to track. That is why algo trading was invented.

Timing, quantity, price, or any model in mathematics defines the set of instructions to be implemented. Aside from profit, algorithmic trading makes it easy for traders to place a trade-in market. They also make trading more organized as it does not concern human emotions while trading.

What are the Benefits of Algorithmic Trading?

The following are just some of the most common benefits of algorithmic trading:

  • The placement of trade orders is done instantly and accurately. Thus, the chance to execute it appropriately depending on the level that the trader wants is high.
  • Trades are done with the best prices available.
  • Trade orders are done in the most appropriate time. This is good to avoid price changes.
  • Algorithmic trading eliminates some costs in trading transactions.
  • Algorithmic trading does the checking of several market conditions automatically.
  • This type of trading can also lessen the risks imposed by manual placement of trades.
  • Algorithmic trading can also mitigate the risks of mistakes human trading order since their emotional and psychological influence is ruled out.

Most algorithm trading nowadays is high-frequency trading. This means that it tries to aim for profit by putting a lot of orders as quickly as possible across several different markets. The preprogrammed instructions are based on a lot of parameters that concerns trading order decisions.

Algorithm trading is now wildly used by different traders worldwide. Some of the most common forms of investments even use this to ensure accuracy. They are as follows:

Pension and mutual funds and insurance companies use algo-trading in purchasing a large number of stocks when they refuse to affect the price of stocks with discrete, huge investments.

Makers of markets like brokerage firms, arbitrageurs, and speculators get benefits from automated trade order placements. Also, algo trading helps in keeping the liquidity that allows different types of sellers found in the market.

Hedge funds, trend followers, and pairs traders think that algorithmic trading helps in making their trading rules and placement of trading orders efficient and instant.


Trading is now becoming a massive part of the business world. Since trading is essential to many—from primary traders to insurance companies, it’s safe to say that trading will still go a long way from today.