Whether you are planning a trip abroad or traveling within the country, airways is the quickest and most convenient way of reaching your destination, but it doesn’t come without its setbacks. From flight delays and cancellations to last-minute changes and endless security lines, there are many things that can slow you down and really put a damper on your travel experience. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your airport experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Next time you are at the airport, follow airportinfo.live for a more streamlined trip:

Book a red-eye flight

If you want to avoid big crowds at the airport and you are flexible on time, it might be a good idea to consider a red-eye flight. They usually take off during the night (between 9pm and 7am) and they are often much less packed than regular flights. What’s more, flying at night can turn out to be much cheaper as well, not to mention the money you will save for accommodation fees, and the more time you will have to explore your destination when you land early in the morning.

Check in online if you can

One of the simplest airport tips that will save you an incredible amount of time, especially if you’re only traveling with a carry-on, is to check in online whenever you can. Although some airports have a “luggage only” line which is faster than the regular check-in counter, it isn’t always the case and you’ll still have to wait in queues. That is why you should always check in online, even if the airline requires an additional in-person check-in, as it shows that you are more likely to show up for your flight, in turn preventing the airline from overbooking the flight or denying you boarding.

Consider your transport options

Hailing a cab or calling an Uber or a Lyft can be quite costly and time-consuming, and depending on your destination, figuring out the public transport as soon as you land can be a nightmare. The most practical and budget-friendly option would always be to rent a vehicle for the duration of your trip. Even though it might seem like a hassle, there are many places around the world that have made this process quick and simple. In Australia, for example, there is cheap car hire at Brisbane airport located at a clearly marked, designated counter where you can rent a car in a matter of minutes and drive straight from the airport to your accommodation.

Prepare for security in advance

One of the easiest things you can do to ensure a smooth airport experience is to know exactly what you can and can’t take in a carry-on, so you aren’t forced to throw away or ship home any forbidden items. You can also make sure that you are dressed accordingly by wearing shoes that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off, opting out of any belts and jewelry that is difficult to remove, and putting electronic devices in an easily accessible location, to quickly send them through scanners. This will save both you, your fellow travelers and the security agents a lot of time and hassle.

Mark your luggage clearly

Whether you’re afraid of losing your luggage or you just want to avoid that awkward moment when you and another passenger have the same bag, so you need to open it in front of everyone to prove that it is indeed yours, you can easily keep an eye on your luggage by making it stand out from the rest. Apart from an essential name tag with all the important information, you can also put some colorful ribbons or bright stickers on your luggage, or anything else that will make your bag easy to spot among others on the conveyor.

Utilize your free time efficiently

Whether it’s due to poor weather conditions or technical faults, flights often get delayed, and the biggest disadvantage of that situation is the amount of dead time you are left with. Instead of simply wasting time in an overpriced airport bar or in crowded waiting areas, a better way of utilizing this free time is by researching your destination further, making an itinerary for your trip and even downloading some maps for offline use, to ensure the whole trips goes more smoothly and pleasurably.

Whether you’re a first-time flyer or an expert traveler, these incredible airport tips and hacks will help you have an easier and stress-free airport experience.