If you’re trying to get the best sporting performance out of your body, then training, conditioning, passion, motivation, proper diet, sleep, recovery, and a touch of talent are all essentials. Skipping out on any of these things means you’re not getting the best out of yourself. Sure, some supplements may help, but they need to work in tandem with hard work and a great attitude.

Do sports nutritional supplements actually work?

There are tons of evidence out there that some nutritional supplements can help you maximize your athletic performance. These are especially useful if used as directed by a professional dietitian. Unfortunately, not all supplements on the market have any benefit at all. You can find a vast range of useful supplements at https://shop.thenewalpha.com/.

It’s crucial, especially for athletes taking part in competitions, to know exactly what’s in any supplements being taken. The World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, has a long list of banned substances. If any athlete tests positive for one of these substances, they may be disqualified or even banned from competing in the future.

Buying dubious-quality supplements that aren’t correctly labeled runs the risk of contamination with one of these substances. Unfortunately, ‘I didn’t know’ isn’t counted as a good defense. If you don’t know what’s in there, that’s still your fault for not understanding what you were taking.

It’s also worth noting that supplements are never approved for junior athletes as they may have an impact on their physical development.

Avoid poor-quality supplements.

The supplement industry is worth tens of millions of dollars a year, but was pretty much unregulated until recently. Even now, loopholes in the regulations mean that some supplements can get away with basically lying about their contents, or about the results you can expect from taking them. Some manufacturers also add less-than-healthy other substances to their supplements to improve the effect, even if these substances aren’t approved.

Supplements produced by regulated pharmaceutical companies, especially if they have a registered product authorization number, are generally considered to be ‘safer’ and less likely to contain an illicit substance or something that’s considered a health risk. These are a good place to start if you’re unsure as to what’s what and are just getting started with sports supplements. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

If you’re looking into supplements that are associated with muscle-building or fat-burning, these supplements tend to be at higher risk for health issues or inadvertent positive drug tests. Focus on burning fat and building muscle through exercise, and use supplements for performance boosting only.

Don’t forget!

When you’re thinking about sports supplements, you need to work them into a food, drink, and training plan that will maximize your performance. No supplement can completely replace commitment, dedication, and proper nutrition.

If you can, always take advice from a medical or sports nutrition professional before taking anything, and make sure that person is fully aware of all WADA rules if you’re going to be competing.