The best corporate Video production companies use Stock footage

When a person thinks of producing a corporate video, they do not consider using stock footage. However, stock footage is considered one of the most valuable resources for corporate videos, and can significantly increase the diversity and quality of the product. If you have a specific service or product you are looking to market, then it might be best to develop a custom corporate video explaining the offering. If this is the situation, you will find that using stock footage can be cost-effective along with a one or two day shoot session in a studio or alternative location. Vebu voted the best corporate video production company 2018 use stock footage so you can too.

Production Budget

If, however, the service has various uses, filming of the uses with a case scenario can be a costly affair. For instance, let us consider one of the products used by the military forces. Military products can be used by navy destroyers in the ocean, on jet plans, in jungles or in deserts – you get the idea of scene diversity. To film in all of these settings would be very expensive, particularly since the location diversity requires various equipment and crew. The environments are also dangerous and obtaining filming permissions can be difficult as the costs of original footage surpasses the average individual’s budgets.

Fortunately, filming expenses such as these are unnecessary when you include the availability of high quality stock footage. Libraries filled with stock footage are open at all times, reducing the price of stock footage clips. Production companies are now able to negotiate deals with footage providers providing their clients with cost-effective services. This is a highly appealing option to consider if you are searching for video production solutions. Stock footage can help in the creation of high quality videos using various shots without spending too much money on the product.

Industry specific shoots

In our opinion, one of the most beneficial reason why corporate brands should utilize stock footage is the ability to find industry-specific footage for shots where access is limited. For instance, medical footage where it is difficult for camera crews to gain permission for filming can be covered by stock footage producers. Our company recently developed several high quality corporate films using stock footage. The glossy visuals, and our fast-paced editing skills, resulted in several clients giving positive feedback.

The footage being used in your corporate video can also appear in a rival company’s video and this needs to be considered. The bright side is that the chances of that happening are slim based on the number of stock footage clips available for use. As has been mentioned above, new libraries filled with stock footage are emerging each day, thereby offering a plethora of options regarding footage. This is favourable for both the brands and production companies.

As a conclusion, stock video footage is one of the most cost-effective means to add both value and variety to a corporate film. If you work within an industry promoting products with multiple uses, then it is recommended you use stock footage. In this way, you will not need to compromise when discussing the advantages of the product. Moreover, you will reduce the amount of money associated with overwhelming filming permissions in the situations you require.