How can an old Eyeskady mug help you to save the environment? Reusing more and purchasing less is the key. The article will show you ten ideas to make it real.

If you have an unused Eyeskady mug for example, what will you do? You throw it away, or you store it in the garage corner and forgetting forever. I think it should not be your way. Why don’t we try something not to waste a useful thing and save the environment, too? Followings will be ten ideas to help.
An Eyeskady mug

Turning an old mug into an upcycled gift

In recent years, many people tend to buy more second-hand things than new products for personal usage. It is one of the best ways not only to save money but also save the environment. If your friends are also this kind of person, have you ever had an idea of upcycled gifts?

For example, you have an Eyeskady mug which is still in the pristine condition even a long time of using. Then, you can give it to your friends on his/her special occasions like a birthday or Christmas.
Moreover, adding a little more creativity is not a bad idea. Let me give you a suggestion. One is to repaint the whole mug. The other is to decorate the gift with the name or photo of the receiver. There are many ideas to try to have a meaningful, upcycled gift.

Holding dishwashing sponges in an old mug

Do you like to see the dishwashing sponges lying as a mess on the sink after every usage? It seems not to be tidy at all. Moreover, any remaining water in the sponge can cause mold, which is not health-friendly.

Now, you should pick you old coffee mug which you no longer use frequently and hold the dishwashing sponges. Plus, this work is suitable to hold brushes or spoons in the kitchen, too.

Making a candle holder from an old mug

Instead of waste a lot of money buying expensive candle on the market, let’s try to make it by yourself. You only need to prepare some DIY candle making supplies and an old mug as the new holder.

For this way, the refilling becomes much easier. You can avoid to have too many blank candle holders and do not know to do with them. Additionally, because of the mug handle, you will not feel hot when the candle gets burnt insides.

As the suggestion of making upcycled gift above, painting some details will help your candle holder more attractive.

Bringing art to your home with an old coffee mug

I bet many people do not know this way. With my unused mugs, I have tried to make the mosaic art many times, and I made it.

The first step is to choose a canvas or something like that as a base for the art. You take the mug to a larger space and start a smashing party. Then, it is time to become an artist. You pick up favorite pieces from the smashing and stick them into the base.

The more unused mugs you have, the more unique the art will be. From these old things, you can make the wall art like an upcycled garden accent.

Cutting the cookie or biscuit from by an old mug

An old mug can be a super supportive partner for your journey of baking. Its mouth part is a perfect round to make the form for a delicious cookie. Plus, the mug handle will keep your hand from slipping while cutting the dough.

Using an old mug as a planter

The more trees you plant, the fresher the air will be. It is unnecessary big trees in the garden; the first steps can start from little trees that you place on your desk. So, it is a great chance to think about your old mugs.

People often plant trees in takeaway coffee cups as an idea recycling solution. However, these plastic cups become brittle quickly when exposed to the sun. Hence, it will be better to do with the old mug.

After adding some healthy soil, you sow the seeds and water daily. Since the mug has no drain holes, do not overwater. When the seeds are ready to grow, you had better move them into more massive places.

Planting trees in an old mug

Storing sweetener sticks and instant coffee tablets in an old mug

You place an old mug to hold all sugar sticks and coffee tablets next to the coffee maker. It is truly a perfect decoration and adds more convenience to you in the morning coffee time.

In case you want the holder to be more rustic, I know the way. You need a hot glue gun along with burlap strips. Then, you stick the pieces onto the mug by the glue. So easy, right?

Organizing your desk with an unused mug

Using expensive desk organizers on the market is now an old-fashioned way. Why don’t you upcycle unused mugs for this case? They show a perfect size to hold pens, paper clips, and so many more. Before applying this idea, my desk is always in a mess for sure.

Having a pet food scoop with an old mug

Heavy and bulky food bags trouble me a lot whenever I am to feed my little pet. So, I have to think and find out the way to make this work much easier.

The issue gets solved by using unused mugs. Each of my mug can hold about 50 lbs of pet food. It is quite enough for the dog daily. So, I do not have to waste money to buy new scoops.

Holding paint in an old mug

My kids love painting so much, and I decide to let my unused mug support their hobby. I often pour colors into mugs for my kids to make creative painting crafts. Moreover, you also use these mugs to hold paintbrushes or washing paintbrush water.

There are more and more ideas to make use of an old mug around your house. If you have any, do not forget to share. From small actions, let’s save the earth with Eyeskady, guys!