People love collecting things- that’s just how it is. When I was younger, I used to love gathering thimbles from different places I visited. I would travel to all sorts of locations for a variety of reasons and whenever I could find a break in my day, I’d look for a local store that would sell a thimble for that place. It was very fun and although I grew out of it, a lot of people still love collecting items such as this. Lapel pins are among the most popular for this kind of thing; not only can you collect them but you can wear them as well. A lot of people are always on the lookout for a good lapel pin and because of that, a lot of places sell them. This means you need to be careful when you’re buying some for yourself. So what should be looking for? Here’s my guide to buying good lapel pins.

The first thing I believe you should be looking for is a store that will allow you to customize your own lapel pins. It’s all well and good buying some that are already designed; this allows you to build up your collection quickly and it shouldn’t take too much time (hopefully). However, every now and again, I think it would be nice if you can find a way to design your own. You might have an idea in mind; you could dedicate it to someone who means a lot to you, for example, or even get your favorite sports team crest on a pin. Whatever your reason is, it good to look for a place that specializes in custom lapel pins. There are a few different places out there that will deal with this kind of thing, so make sure you do some good research and try to find the place that will deal with your design the best.

Price should also come into the equation when you want to buy a lapel pin. As I mentioned, there are a lot of companies and stores out there that sell lapel pins and some of them rice them a lot higher than others. However, don’t think that a higher price automatically means higher quality- some stores just overcharge. That’s why you shouldn’t try and buy from the first place you find and should take your time over the decision. Have a look at a few different stores and compare prices, as you can probably find very similar pins in different stores available at widely contrasting costs. I’ve seen a lot of people buy overpriced items and I don’t want you to join that list!

Looking for stores that are credible is important as well. If you aren’t careful, you might end up buying from a store that offers poor quality pins and they could even break when you’re trying to take it on and off. Ask around fellow collectors to see what they think; who are the best shops to buy from and who offers the highest quality for the best prices?