PC game streaming is one of those activities you can do for both fun and profit. There are people who have taken this as a fulltime or part time career and are making some really good money out of it. Streaming involves someone who records themselves playing a game with intent of showing others how they are doing it. It is usually live but there are some who upload their records videos on sites such as youtube amongst other sites.

There are quite a number of prolific gaming streamers who have made a name out of their gaming skills and boast quite a number of fans. Any gaming enthusiast would probably want to know how they effortlessly pull off such gaming skills and most of the times the art of the equipment that they use has a lot to do with it. One would for instance want to know what monitor does ninja use, who happens to be one of the most accomplished gaming streamers. There is a lot to learn about PC streaming and that is the only way you can gain ground on the same and become a pro like that particular streamer whose live streaming videos have never missed your attention. So, what are some of the main things and facts that any beginner in PC streaming should be aware of?

Things That Any Beginner at Streaming Should Be Aware About

These are some of the most important things that an aspiring streamer should know about streaming before venturing into it;

  • The equipment for streaming; the dream of being an accomplished streaming gamer can only be realized if you have the right equipment to start with. For you to stand out and give an impression, your equipment should be quality. Such equipment is the likes of a PC, webcam, lighting kit, microphone among other extras that would work towards building a reliable gaming setup. Next time you want to know what monitor does ninja use, you could be surprised to find that you already own it or that it is one you have heard of before. Your choice of hardware should be the best and compatibility with various software and games should be a priority too.
  • Choosing a streaming service; for your gaming skills to be seen by the world, you need a reliable streaming service or platform to use. You can use more than one streaming service if you would like to reach out to a wider audience. There are quite a number of platforms such as the YouTube, mixer and twitch among others that you could research on.
  • Streaming software; you need to install software for streaming purposes. There are several choices for such that you can choose from; with some being open-source meaning you can freely download them from the internet, while there are others for purchase. To get started, you usually configure the streaming platform of your choice such as twitch and your streaming software and then you proceed to follow the procedures indicated.