There are many poker related sayings and words that have made their way into the main conversation in the business world and also elsewhere. Though you may know many poker related sayings and words, yet there are several words that you may not know as a beginner. Poker has acquired many unique phrases and words that normally players use as a part of their own language and they are incomprehensible.

There are many poker terms that you should be familiar with when you play games such as sbobet. Some of the terms are as follows:


When a poker player pulls his chips in a pot he is known as all-in. This player does not participate in more bets than this all-in amount. There is a side pot for other players. The all-in player can get just the main pot.


It is a small bet that all players have to post prior to the deal. It is used in a stud poker against posting blinds. Antes are common in tournaments besides the blinds that are at a later level.

Back door

A hand made up of back door needs river card as well as turn card to make a hand. For instance, hold a three flush post a flush and need two more to finish a flush. This is known as a runner.

Bad beat

A good hand beat or cracked by a better hand, which was usually way behind but has hit a lucky draw. Each poker player has a bad beat story to narrate.

Big Slick

This is a nickname of a two card holding


These are the mandatory bets that are made by the two players who sit on the left-hand side of the dealer’s button. They are known as the big and the small blinds.


Make a bet without using your best hand so that your opponent shall fold and you shall win a pot.

Calling Station

Players who call very often are known as a calling station. This term is used in a derogatory way as the players call without the right pot odds.

Cards speak

The best hand is decided when every player that turn his cards face up without any declaration. The cards value speaks for themselves.

Check Raise

To check your turn to bet and later on, raises a subsequent bet during the same betting round.


An opponent that plays poorly and he seems to throw away his money. This is a current term for a sucker, a pigeon, and a fish.

Double Belly buster

This hand has two straight draws. This draw has the same winning cards similar to an open-ended draw but double belly buster is more deceptive.

A Texas Hol’em variety where players get 4 hole cards and should use two of them, with 3 out of 5 board cards.


A game category that is characterized where every player’s hand is exposed.