So you now have a great working website up, containing helpful and interesting information along with the product that you are selling. And because you are very confident about how great a job you have done, you are somehow surprised that there are only a handful of people that visit your site. What could be the problem?

Once you finished building your website, your work does not stop here. It is the beginning of your work. Owning and running a website should be accompanied by promotion. Think of your website as a party. If you do not send out invitations, no one will show up because they do not know that it exists. After all, the World Wide Web is a humungous arena that is continually growing. Every day, about 150,000 new domains are registered.

Website promotion sure is very important but how exactly does it work? Whether you hire a developer or you have decided to do things on your own, there are a variety of online and offline strategies to promote your website. Let’s go through a few of them.

Traditional Promotion

There are a lot of conventional strategies when it comes to promoting the website. Include the link of your website in your business cards, business stationeries, letterhead, brochures, and all the printed material related to your business. Also, use other traditional marketing means such as TV ads and print media to promote your website,

Email Promotion

You can actively and effectively promote your website by sending a regular email to your customers. This will require you to have a mailing list. In your signature at the end of your emails, ensure that you add a link to your website. Send out regular newsletters that mention your website and includes a link of it. Also, invite people to give their emails and be a part of your mailing list. In your newsletters, give special offers to keep them reminded of your website and even entice them to visit it. Give special coupons that are redeemable on your website. Just remember to not spam. This is illegal in many countries and will only cost you customers in the long run.

Social Media Promotion

Because they have now become a hub for interaction, link posting, and commenting, social media makes for a great place to get your website noticed by your target market. Social networking sites along with the social bookmarking site, forums, blogs, and all the other kinds of social media can be used to generate traffic to your website in a variety of ways.

Websites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are great avenues to get your website out there. Your customers and your friends or networks can comment on your product or service which can generate interest among others. You can also start a business blog and talk about the product or service that you are offering. For as long as you put up helpful and relevant content regularly, people will constantly be coming back to your website for more. On Instagram, you can add the link of your website in your bio. Post relevant content on your profile, when you get more views and followers help you to more visitors on your websites. You can buy Instagram views

if you are not getting a lot of views.