There is an extensive selection of vape machines and e-cigarettes, which may drive you crazy. In the United Kingdom (UK), there are over two thousand vape shops that offer different types of vape starter kits. A UK vape shop like Vapour Depot provides a wide array of devices for beginners.
Huge vape clouds, cool vape tricks, or whatever made you change your mind on quitting tobacco also offers a lot of benefits.

Choosing your very first vape kit is essential in meeting your purpose. Here are the things to think about before getting a vape kit.

1. Purpose

It is necessary to identify your reason before purchasing your vape kit. Are you vaping to quit smoking? Or are you vaping because you want to learn vape tricks and hoping in the future to join vape competitions?

Vape devices offer various functions for different purposes. Therefore, identifying your use will help you select the right one.

2. Devices

Once you identify your purpose, understanding the different kinds of devices comes next.

Cig-a-likes and pens are standard devices vape beginners use. These devices are user-friendly and convenient as there is no need to mix juices and replace coils. However, these devices cannot handle heavy usage because of its cartridge and battery capacity. Therefore, you might need to bring a couple of accessories if you are a heavy user.

If you prefer to have more power and capacity for more significant vape clouds, then choosing Sub Ohm devices may suit you.

3. When in doubt, ask!

If you are still unsure of the devices to get, ask some long-time vape users and even health experts about the pros and cons of each device.

How to select your first e-liquid?

The most crucial part of your vape transition is in choosing the right vape liquid or ‘juice.’ When you are accustomed to smoking tobacco, transitioning to vape can be challenging, especially in selecting your very first e-liquid. You might even choose a tobacco flavour just because you think you are used to it.

In the end, you might find yourself giving up on vape as you do not like the taste the juice gives off, therefore, not giving you a satisfying experience. Do not limit yourself! UK vape shop, like Vapour Depot, offers a wide range of flavours.

When you decide to make a transition to vape, consider these tips before purchasing your very first vape juice.

1. Think about the kind of flavours you enjoy.

We all have different taste preferences. Some individuals may prefer sweet tastes like candy, bubble gum, and even tasty desserts. Others may prefer alcohol flavours like rum or whiskey, and in case you are wondering, NO, it cannot make you drunk.

Before shopping, make a list of flavours you prefer, so you have a basis when choosing the liquid.

2. Sample as many flavors as you want at vape shops.

There is a ton of flavors in a vape shop, so do not get too overwhelmed by it. Most vape shops have a sampling area, so make the most out of it until you find the right one for you.

3. The flavour is more important than the nicotine strength.

Work your way from a less nicotine power to no nicotine e-liquids. You may find that some e-liquids have stronger nicotine. If you prefer that for your first time, go ahead. Over time, the flavour will matter more than the strength, until you develop a liking for nicotine-free e-liquids.

The beginning of your vape journey can be time-consuming but do not get discouraged. Once you find the right flavor/s, you will be able to satisfy your smoking urge later on.