Marriage is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of compromises and adjustments to make it work smoothly and without any doubt women always ends up making much more compromises than men. Firsts of all, she leaves her own home and parents to be with her husband’s family. She even changes her name and take her husband’s surname for the rest of life . Everything is new to her and she is supposed to please everyone with her good behaviour and culinary skills. A dreamy, ambitious woman is often considered as a bad home maker. She has to break all the myths to be an ideal wife, daughter-in-law and mother.

At this point, her greatest strength is you, her husband. She needs support and love from you to adjust well in the family and lead a happy life as the new member. Little gestures from you, can make her and your life too, easy as a slice of cake. As she is on the path of becoming a perfect wife, what you, as a husband, can do to make her life easier.

Know Your Wife

What she likes and what are her dislikes? What are her goals in life and how you could help in achieving them? As much as you will know her, she will love you even more. If you are not able to read her personality by gestures, then communicate with her at length about her to know her well.

Tell Her About Yourself

No man is created perfect in His likeness. Every person has its own set of flaws, weakness, bad habits and there should be no unrealistic expectations in a marriage. Tell her about your flaws too so as they shouldn’t come to her as a surprise and more she will know your honest and good heart, more the love will blossom between you two.

Learn Emotional Vocabulary

Talk to her like you mean it. Have a proper conversation with her rather than throwing random phases here and there like “Whatever you want dear!”. Make her feel listened, give her the attention that she deserves.

Celebrate The Occasions

Prioritise your relationship. Don’t miss on the occasions which requires even a little celebration. Whether its her promotion day or anniversary, show her that she means the world to you. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the best valentine gift for her will be the one which is presented by hearty gestures rather than materialistic things.

Adjust With Interdependence

Financial issues, health problems, mental stress, when it comes to a marriage, you share everything with your spouse. You are not alone now and you have to embrace her problems too as your own.

Date Her Again

“Whatever it took to get her is what it takes to keep her.” This saying is as true as it can get. Pamper her, take her to dancing, all that it took to make her take vows with you, do the same again to keep the spark in the marriage alive.

Fight For The Relationship

Don’t give up on her. Fight for her. She might tell you that she is not happy. In that case, instead of given up on her, fight for her. Look deep into the problem and see what is causing it. Communicate with her about it. Fight to make it work.

If you put these pointers in your daily life, nothing can create any kind of problem between you two. You two are meant for each other and you should make your way to prove that.