Choosing a furnishing that will suit your home can be tricky. The trends are always changing. On top of that, there are many contradictory opinions. If you are not following what’s currently in vogue, this whole enterprise may seem intimidating.

Needlessly so. It’s not the 19th century anymore. Nowadays, mixing different styles is not considered offensive to the eyes of onlookers. On the contrary, if it’s done with tact, a conscious decision to cross the invisible lines is even applauded. This article will show you 8 trending types of furnishings for home design.

Ghost chairs

Would you rather have chairs that look like they came directly from the court of the 18th-century French king or chairs that look almost futuristic? If this dilemma is difficult to solve, then your best bet might be to compromise and choose ghost chairs. Their royal design, mixed with modern material, makes them an excellent choice for a variety of occasions. Just be careful when it’s dark.

Wicker furniture

Formerly, the furniture made of wicker could be found mainly outdoors – on patios and balconies. Recently though, models specifically designed for the indoors use have been created. Keep in mind; you shouldn’t mix wicker with styles that naturally don’t go well together. If the rest of the furnishing has a modern look, you can try introducing several elements made of wicker, so that it won’t feel entirely out of place. If you don’t know where to buy wicker furniture, you can check out the website of Wicker Furniture Direct.

A nightstand?

The days of traditional nightstands are numbered. A small dresser will be able to perform the same function while having more utility than a nightstand. Our homes are getting gradually smaller, and it doesn’t seem like this trend is losing steam. It means that utility reigns supreme. A desk, an ottoman, or, if the position of your bed allows it – a windowsill will do just right.

Terrazzo Prints

Terrazzo is certainly nothing groundbreaking, but it doesn’t mean that it has run its course! Its most valuable characteristic is its versatility. It will go well both with natural-looking environments, but also with spaces that are vibrant and energetic. A kids’ room or a home office – you can use it in both of these places!

Canopy Beds

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a canopy bed when they were a child? Quite unexpectedly, they are making a comeback! The newer designs don’t take as much visual space as their antecedents. They provide comfort and create a romantic atmosphere, something we often lack in our lives.

Bar Carts

Vehicles with wheels and alcohol can be an acceptable mix if we are talking about bar carts. For some reason, many people think that the era of bar carts ended somewhere around the time when Huey Long was assassinated. They are wrong. Bar carts bring class everywhere they appear. And let’s not forget about aesthetics: the phrase “mobile alcohol” is delightful.

Lucite Tables

Is there a lack of space in your room, to the point that sometimes you feel a little claustrophobic? If the answer is “yes”, then you might follow the steps of countless magicians and use the power of illusion. Purchasing a lucite table won’t make your room bigger, but the fact that it’s translucent will make it seem like there’s more room. It’s best to pair them with a modern-looking environment.

Bucket sinks

The expected comeback of bucket sinks has nothing to do with their utility. Instead, they evoke feelings of nostalgia. Obviously, they won’t complement every style. A juxtaposition of a modern, minimalistic style with a natural-looking bucket sink wouldn’t go well. Associated with a simpler life on a farm, they create friendlier space. If you feel like you lack the emotional attachment to your home, purchasing a bucket sink might change that.

What now?

Okay, so hopefully this article gave you some ideas regarding the appearance of your ideal home. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and mix styles that should never be mixed. If it wasn’t a great decision, you could always rearrange things around later. If you are satisfied with the end result, that’s all that should matter.