Beating the competition and providing the best possible services is essential in the construction industry. But have you ever wondered what the difference between great and the best is? The answer is simple. It’s knowing the trends and predicting what could happen in the future.

Many top home construction companies have integrated roof leads generation as part of their innovative strategy to give them an edge over their competition. There is a saying; “that if you’re not improving, you’re falling behind.” If you haven’t done this research, don’t worry. Read about 8 construction industry trends now and think about how they could help you stay ahead and gain an extra advantage over your opponents.

Green technology

The construction industry causes around 20% of global emissions. Because of the increase in population, the demand for buildings is getting higher and higher every year. Taking care of our planets’ environment is crucial, and you could have an impact on it. Eco-friendly building is not only good for the planet but also one of the top trends in the industry.

Green construction is a fast-growing and more and more important part of modern industrial companies. Planning, designing, constructing, maintenance and even demolition – there is space for eco improvements everywhere. Ecological friendly methods aren’t different from standard building and against popular belief they aren’t worse or more expensive. Green technology is more focused on resource efficiency and environmental responsibility, but the economy, utility, and quality of buildings are still important factors of the process.

Smart construction

There is every tendency to confuse this trend with green construction, but these are not the same. This trend preserves the environment by using resources more efficiently and smartly. Why would you use more electricity if you can take into consideration natural light and build in a way so the sun can reach the middle of the building? Little changes like that will reduce the number of resources needed, and this is what makes this trend tremendous and practical.

Prefabricated constructions

One of the most promising 2019 trends is an increase in prefabricated projects. Prefabricated and modular projects are rising in popularity because they are the best material-efficient, fastest and most flexible. It’s an excellent opportunity to save your company tons of time and money. Thanks to this trend, constructing repetitive structures is the most efficient. Therefore it’s a great option for building offices, hotels and similar types of buildings. Another asset of prefabricated construction is the fact that you won’t have to worry about the weather since all units are built indoors. Moreover, every material that isn’t used is recycled, and that leads to the reduction of waste.

Labour force deficit

There are 250.000 construction jobs in the US. Even though there is a lot of work to do, production has slowed down due to the human resources shortage. The rate of unemployment is low, and there is a lot of positions for workers. In that situation, it becomes hard to attract new employees. Unless companies offer becomes more attractive, this trend will continue into next year.

Safety equipment improvement

Because of the high amount of accidents on construction sites, changes had to be introduced which has prompted more and more employers into deciding to improve the quality and amount of safety equipment. Work boots that can tell if the user is tired or send his/her GPS coordinates. Lighter and more effective cooling vests or even using drones for specific tasks are just a few examples of trending changes

Material cost increase

Prices are on the rise, and so far has been jacked-up by 2-3% in comparison to the previous year. The most significant rise in costs affects iron, steel, softwood lumber, and steel mill products. Unfortunately, this situation is still valid, so proper preparations and good planning are essential for budget efficiency. The material cost increase will continue for as long as supply is decreased.

Building modelling

The process known as building information modelling is the creation of computer visualizations. Using this tool allows us to estimate the costs, predict the most optimal maintenance schedules or even show how used materials will hold up over time. If you want to create projects of the best quality, this tool is a must. More and more companies are using building information modelling as it became one of the top construction industry trends.

Technology Advancement

The construction industry has always thrived on technological advancement. However, recently it raised to a whole new level. The construction project software is more advanced, and it got many new features. Companies started using drones for aerial photography as they’re cheaper and easily accessible. There is a wide range of technology that you can use on a construction site. Technology development is a trend that will continue for incoming years.

Knowing tendencies in the industry market is tremendously crucial. If you want your company to improve continuously, make sure you know what the current trends are and use them to your advantage.