Cleaning an entire home is not an easy job. You need to plan first how to start and from where to start cleaning the house. If you are planning to clean your house on your own without hiring any cleaning service provider, then you have to plan it properly. By doing so you won’t have to watch over the housekeeper, the results will be quite satisfactory too. So to help you out here we are providing you some tips on cleaning, such as from where you should start and how to proceed further.  If you don’t have enough time to clean your house by yourself then you can look for the company like AspenClean as they are expert in their field. Have a look the tips.

1. Gather all your cleaning tools

To spare time on cleaning, it will be a great idea to gather all the cleaning tools required to clean different areas of the house at one place. Tools such as broom, wiper, dusters, a bucket of clean water, a small bucket of water mixed with liquid soap, glass cleaning liquids, phenyl, scrubber, vacuum cleaner, mop, cleaning pads, etc. Use the required tool at a time to clean the particular place and then move on to another cleaning spot. Since you have all the cleaning equipments at one place, it will result in a hassle-free and fast cleaning of your house.

2. Clear the clutter

First of all, clean all the clutter and manage everything by putting them in their own place. Throw all the rubbish and useless things to make the place lighter and cleaner. Put small things which you may us in the future in small boxes or the place they belong to. This way you will clear the area for dusting making it faster and smoother.

3. Dust Your House

After managing the clutter, now its time for dusting the entire house. While doing so, the floor will be covered with dust, spider nets, etc. For small corners, you need special brushes or microfibers to bring out the dirt. Its suggested to do the dusting of roofs, top walls and fans after covering all the furniture, couches and other electronic items, etc. which are beneath it to prevent them from getting dusty. It will ease your job choose a handheld vacuum instead of making it hectic and complicated. Once you are done with all the dusting, you having completed a major part in cleaning.

4. Clean Furniture Fabric

After dusting, focus on cleaning furniture fabric like sofa’s fabric, cushions, curtains, rugs, mats, and mattresses. A vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning equipment to clear dust on all types of fabric furniture and mattresses. If you have the furniture covers, you can wash them too. You can also wash the curtains at home or dry clean them as per the fabric demands. After cleaning furniture fabric, using furniture covers is a good idea to ensure longer neat and tidy home.

5. Wipe mirrors and glass

The next step is to clean all the glasses and mirrors of your house with an excellent soft material duster and a liquid cleanser to make sure you are cleaning the mirrors and glasses perfectly without leaving any marks, scars or vapors over them. Cleaning mirrors and glasses is a time taking job since you have to clean the minute and tiny stigmas on it. Glass windows are something that can easily get dirty and collect dust because of continuous exposure to air. Use the right tools to clean the glass window like squeegee, chamois or hand wipers to ensure smooth and long lasting cleaning. If the cleaning is done appropriately, it will leave the glass and mirrors sparkling without any streaks or marks.

6. Clean Surfaces

Use a terry white microfiber cloth to clean your home surfaces instead of colored cloth because the colored fabric will hide all the dirt in it and instead of cleaning, it will leave colored patches and dirty marks on the surfaces. Terry microfiber clothes are efficient enough in absorbing much quantity of dust and dirt in it and give you a better cleaning experience. Use liquid detergent soap to get rid of tough stains and patches. Use appropriate surface cleansers, phenyl and chemicals to remove the rust stains and newly-softened dirt. After this cleaning process, use clean water to rinse off all chemicals and detergent soap, then wipe the surface off with a mop. Switch on the fan to let the surface dry soon.

7. Clean the Kitchen and Bathroom and Bathroom

After all the above steps, here comes the critical and time taking places to clean i.e., the kitchen and bathroom.

A kitchen is a place that needs to be clean thoroughly with utmost patience. The area above the gas stove generally catches multi-layers of gummy and tough dirt. To get rid of such dirty layers, use little harsh scrubbers soaked in liquid soap or detergent water. Clean all the boxes and containers first and then start cleaning the shelves. While cleaning the kitchen’s electronic devices, do the cleaning carefully with just a semi-wet cloth and do not use any detergent or soap. Clean all the furniture and glasses with cleanser and a clean white microfiber cloth.

While cleaning the bathroom, start your cleaning process with commode and then, with taps and shower. Then, clean all the shelves where you keep your bathing cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, etc.

8. Focus on tubs, sinks, and toilets

At last, when you are done with all the cleaning of your house, it’s time to put a focus on tubs, sinks, and toilets. Use a good quality and safe chemical composition to clean basins, sinks, tubs and washroom’s water drainage hole area which is the stickiest and dirty area to clean. Bathtubs are generally easy to clean, you just have to use a soft scrubber with liquid soap to clean the tub and rinse it off with water. But for sinks and toilets, you have to put some extra effort to get the sparkling and shiny toilets and sinks. There are many toilet cleaners available, apply the toilet cleaner for some time and use a scrubber.  At last, use flush with full water pressure and get a clean toilet. Similarly clean your sink with a scrubber and soap and rinse off with water.

These are the 8 tips to help you clean your house faster and quicker. Following these tips help you sort out how to start cleaning such a big house and how to end up with. Keeping your surroundings clean is a hygienic way of living. So, use the above directions and get the cleaning done as fast as possible.