Organization is crucial in any space. People and workers need to be able to find their things. Anyone who is looking for ways to start getting organized and stay organized with help from pallet racking should look to these simple and easy tips for help.

All Spaces

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to make use of all the spaces in any area. This means having a good look at all the corners in the entire home or work place. Look for unused areas that may be only gathering dust right now. Completely unused areas like those under the stairs are the ideal place to create effective storage right now.

Decide Where

Then it’s time to decide where to store things. These are spaces that should be kept for storage and nothing else. It’s a good idea to take some time and make sure such spaces are easily accessible. The area on top of the high windows or those very high kitchen cabinets might look tempting. However, if they are very hard to reach without digging out the step stool, it’s best to look for other spaces.

Involve Everyone

Storage is not a one person job. It’s a job everyone can and should do at the same time. Everyone in the office should be aware of what goes where. The same is true at home. Everyone in the home should know where things are stored and make sure they are put back in the right place after use. For example, if one drawer is used to keep all sharp knives, that drawer should always be used for that purpose.

Label Things in Writing

Writing is a good way to know what’s things. Bring out a marker, some paper and tape. Write down the name of the items being stored in a given storage unit. Clear plastic drawers are easy to use. However, it may not be obvious what’s stored inside. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time. Putting it all in writing allows the occupant to see what’s inside at a glance. Use black markers against a light colored background so you can read it instantly.

Mindful of Dates

Things expire. Food can’t be used by a certain date. Old receipts are not longer needed. Keep dates clear when you are organizing things. If a date can’t be read easily, it’s a good idea to run over it with a market to make it more visible. Organizing things by expiration dates is also useful. Items that are about to expire first, for example, should be placed in front of the refrigerator in order to encourage people to use them.

Nesting Sets

Storage sets that fit inside each other look good. They’re also very practical. Items that nest inside of each other can be used to stay organized by making it possible to store the storage containers easily when not in use. A set of mixing bowls, for example, can be stacked on top of each other when you are not baking things. Items that fit inside each other can also be kept together. This way, you’re not looking for that small cup. It’s there when you need it.

Pull Out Storage

Pull out storage serves many purposes. It allows you to use the additional spaces in any space with ease. It also makes it possible to pull out the rack and see exactly what’s there in a glance. The pull out shelving also makes it possible to store things of varied sizes in the same space. For example, a set of spoons can be kept in the same space as a large measuring cup. Pull out shelving is also easy to keep clean. The owner can get into all the small corners and clean any dirt.

Use Color

Color is easy to understand. Keeping one type of item such as different types of pasta in green glass jars while keeping rice in a red container makes it possible to distinguish the two with a single glance. Everyone can instantly see what’s inside a given space and reach for it.