Want to add a tasty and mouthwatering flair to your wedding? How about having a dessert table to tantalize your guests?

Here are some amazing and delicious flavors that will give an array of options for your inviters to gaze on. And the best part, they are not just confined to the cakes.


Give your guests a sweet and delicious treat with macarons. Made of two round and colorful cookies, it’s a sandwich with an amusing filling of jam or ganache.
Think about having macrons with vanilla flavored filling having the piped royal icing details, for sure the dessert table at your wedding will get a hoard of guests. Create a tower of macarons with some cake pops to bring color and gold in the treats.


Who says no to a pancake! Perfect for every occasion, a pancake station at one corner will surely attract the guests, especially kids. Fluffy and delicious, these are usually served with butter, syrup or even whipped cream. Ask your Wedding and Event Catering in Florida to set up a table of panckaes for the guests.


Towering sweets look quite appealing and attractive. Just bring some desserts, arrange them in the colorful and unique way, and it’s done! The layered and colorful patterns will make a visual treat, and your guests will get heart palpitations just looking at them.
You can use the theme, monochrome designs and more to make a colorful treat of a display. You can use vases to highlight cakes and elegant stands for displaying sprinklers and sweets.

Ice Creams:

If the jingle of ice cream man make your heart flutter, why not making them a part of your wedding? Delicious, mouth-watering, creamy treats will become a perfect dessert to savor on the big day. Have multi-flavored ice cream, planes and more to satisfy the couple’s sweet tooth.

Also, they are ideal for summer weddings, or you can use them as a cake alternative. And the best part, there are umpteen flavors to rejoice the treat. You can use them as an ice cream sammies, classic cones or as a milkshake for the guest to grab for your big day. Go for a whole ice cream cake, if you don’t want to break the cake tradition’ or let your guests make their own Sundaes. You can even include an ice cream cart for kids!


Frosted or unfrosted, Sprinkled, powered, glazed or filled, whatever you love, doughnuts can be a sweet confection in your weddings. Create a doughnut wall or stack them high, your guests will enjoy the sweet addition.

You can also set up shelves full of these delicious sweets with calligraphed banners or can use it as a cake alternative. Or why not making them a centrepiece,that lovely iced treats topped with frozen fruits and crystallized flowers will look beautiful. You can also offer doughnuts as a home treatment to your attendees before they leave the venue.


How about serving something close to cake family but not the traditional cake? Yes! It’s a pie. Not only a pie makes a very unusual treat, but it also has a variety of flavors that your guests will love. You can place mini pies individually for every guest or can serve delicious pies made from different recipes.

What if you will use it as a favor? Perfect! Mountain berries, creamy lime or mixed berries, the choice is yours. For a rustic look, create a rustic backdrop and make a vintage display of pies. Or go for the basic, pie on pie option!


Bring on your choco chip obsession with a cookie display for your wedding! Not only they are delicious, but they are also just as scrumptious and can please anyone. Also, they are easy to bake and gives you a number of different options to display on the table.
Make a sandwich out of cookies, or give them a personalized touch with the initials scribbled over it. You can also go for tasty cookies like orange molasses or vanilla molasses. Cut cookies in different shapes and use it over popsicles to grab attention.

Candy Floss:

Add a wow factor to your wedding with candy floss treats to savor your guest. Pink, white or any other color, these treats can create a focal point on your big day and can be enjoyed by everyone.
The key to perfect dessert showcase is not just having delicious options, but also making them visually delicious. Get them and make your wedding sweet!