Between her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and the holidays, finding a gift for the lady in your life never gets easier. Truth is, she’s usually the first to purchase the items on her wishlist, leaving you with nothing in your cart but a serious headache. Uniqueness is the key to scoring big in smiles this holiday season, and we’ve got the eight perfect gifts guaranteed to thrill the woman who already seems to have everything!

8.A cruiser bike

A cruiser bike
Has she been complaining about how boring the stationary bikes at the gym are? Or feeling cooped up inside? Let her ride free with the wind running in her hair on a stylish cruiser bike. Designed for comfort, a cruiser bike is the perfect casual rider for flat terrain. She can save on gas and breathe fresh air in style with this adorable two-wheeler.

7.A jewelry box

A jewelry box
She has a fair share of jewels decorating her neck, fingers, wrists, and closet, but nowhere to store it. Give her a solution to her first-world problem with a dazzling jewelry box. Depending on the size of her jewelry collection, she’ll be able to fit all of her favorite pieces into a small tabletop box or a full-size chest. Gone are the days of scrambling to find her favorite necklace on your way out of the door! She’ll surely love the organization a jewelry box brings to her daily dress duties.

6.A Garmin watch

A Garmin watch
Pinning down the perfect gifts for busy people who are always on the move has become far easier in the digital age. The hustle of everyday life never gets ahead of her, and it never will with a handy Garmin watch by her side. Wearable tech makes keeping track of time, appointments, fitness, and important messages painless. Rain or shine, gym or office, a Garmin watch is the ultimate high-tech companion.

5.A cute pair of sneakers

A cute pair of sneakers
Whether she’s a collector of heels or flats, her shoe game is always on point. Give her the gift of versatility with a unique and chic pair of trainers. From slip-ons, platforms, lace-ups, and high-tops, Vans are the ultimate brand for fashion and function. You’ll catch her paring up killer outfits with these rockin’ kicks on her feet.

4.A high-end Bluetooth speaker

A high-end Bluetooth speaker
If you can’t remember the last day she went without listening to music, odds are she needs a top of the line Bluetooth speaker in her life. Let her take her favorite tunes to the beach with a waterproof portable speaker, or let her crank up the volume in the living room with a heavy-duty soundbar. The sound quality and clarity will shock her in the best way possible!

3.Plane tickets

Plane tickets
They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a flight to her dream destination. If she’s overdue for a vacation, treat her to a couple days of living in luxury. Affordable holiday accommodations come in all shapes and forms, not just Caribbean resorts. Pick her brain a bit to get a clear understanding of what kind of travel she’s pining after. From tropical Airbnb stays to mountainside cottages, her ideal getaway could change up by the week. To get the most bang for your buck, choose wisely and plan carefully with her needs in mind!

2.An instant camera

An instant camera
She’s all about taking a good selfie and knows her angles down to a T. Spice up her camera game with a cute instant camera. Making memories every day with her camera in hand, Fujifilm’s line of Instax Instant Cameras create polaroids she’ll want to hang everywhere. Perfect for frequent travelers, Instax cameras are sized for ultimate portability and designed for top-notch performance.

1.Engraved jewelry

Engraved jewelry
If plain ol’ jewelry isn’t really her thing, or she simply has too much of it, so switch up the pace with a timeless piece of engraved jewelry this year! While most large retailers offer engraving services, take a peek on for more one of a kind styles. Unsure of what to have written? Think of any cute nicknames you may call her, coordinates to a favorite destination, or numerical dates of a special day. The more thoughtful the engraving, the more likely you’ll see tears of joy well up in her eyes!