Planning your wedding is a fulfilling way of getting exactly what you and your fiancé have in mind, down to the minute detail. It is an excellent idea if you love DIY or the magic of watching something you put together come to life. However, first things first. It can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you do not have a guide, and have other commitments. There are so many little and cumbersome decisions to make; the band, color pallet, wedding hall…things can rapidly spiral out of control and leave you burned out and apprehensive. Here is a list of the most important things to have in mind and how to go about it.


The first thing you want to set is your budget. It will influence many of the choices that you make later, and ensure you do not have massive loans hanging in your face the day after the wedding. Then, endeavor to stick to your final figure. Resist the urge to splurge on one thing then end up ruining the rest. If you have family and friends chipping in, have an honest conversation about what they are willing to spend. If you and your fiancé are the sole contributors, have a realistic look at your finances then set your figure.

Create a list of your priorities

Have a sit down with your fiancé and discuss the most important things to feature at your wedding. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a specific color theme, and they’ve always wanted to have a particular band. Iron these aspects out, so that everyone has the things they’d like not to compromise in your dream wedding.

Find your inspiration

If you’re into DIY, then Pinterest, bridal magazines and Instagram is your forte. Now is the time to indulge in them, scrolling leisurely to get as many ideas as you’d like. Then pool the ideas that struck you and translate them into something you can present to your vendors. Remember, at this time, to factor in your budget. Involve your fiancé too; this will help you half the workload and provide some fun bonding time.

Get a wedding planning book

This works more like a wedding planning manual; it has all the essential hacks, tips and tricks you need to consider. Some even have wedding etiquette advice, checklists and timelines you can follow.

Do not rush into decisions

You may get tempted to book that florist with a dazzling website or photographer, but take your time. Ask around and check review websites and wedding magazines. The last thing you want is a vendor with a dazzling display but extremely disappointing services.

Have an ideal time frame

When fixing your date, have in mind the season you envisioned for your dream wedding. Would you like a spring garden event or have your venue scattered with beautiful autumn leaves? While you’re at it, be flexible so that booking venues and vendors does not become a hectic affair.

Select a theme

You can have a simple color theme, or a bold theme, like the Great Gatsby or Halloween. Anyway, have a theme to guide you in making design decisions and to make every piece go towards a cohesive idea.

Create a guest list

This can be the most involving part, and you need to sit with your fiancé and families and come up with a comprehensive guest list.


It is a great idea to incorporate family and friends in the process of planning, but remember that it is your occasion and that the buck stops with you. Do not let their overwhelming advice weigh you down. In addition to that, have fun while at it, you might not get to do this again!