Therapy is not just a medical model, it’s a method to achieve overall wellness.

Hearing someone say “you should get therapy” or “you should see a psychologist” often sounds like a condemnation. It’s as if saying there’s something wrong with you and you need to be fixed.

While this may be a valid expression of concern, it could sound like an insult to the recipient of the message. To comply means losing the argument, to neglect means saving face.

People don’t willfully do the things they “should” do. They do things they want to do. In the same vein, you’ll benefit more from therapy if you’re going to heal, grow, or learn, not because somebody thinks you need it.

And contrary to popular notion, psychology is more than helping a person cope with painful experiences. It’s also more than changing behavioral patterns, relational, and harmful thinking.

Just like going to the gym to be healthier, people visit a psychologist houston tx, to be better in life. Going beyond the medical model means that psychology should be viewed as a tool to help patients deal with their mental health and to help them make their good life even better.

Given the wellness model, here are seven reasons to try seeing a psychologist:

For self-love and acceptance

Advising people to love and accept themselves is easier said than done. Many people struggle with self-acceptance and self-love, but that doesn’t mean they have a mental disorder or that they’re depressed.

Therapy can help them explore these roadblocks and teach them ways to make their happiness a priority.

Make their marriage great.

Some relationships, after some time, remain functional but devoid of fun. Couples counseling can improve the spouses’ communication and help rekindle the excitement and passion in the marriage.

Improve in parenting

What most parents don’t recognize is, despite their objections, they revert to the parenting patterns they experienced during their childhood. A good therapy session with a psychologist Houston TX can help them get out of this rut and be better parents for their children.

Achieve more career-wise

If you find yourself unhappy where you currently are, ask yourself why you’re not striving for something else? Is interpersonal conflict, hard work, or fear making you doubt yourself?

Therapy can help you rethink your career, the things you’re unhappy about, and make healthy changes about it.

Understand your life purpose

Your friendly and reliable therapist can help you explore your feelings, thoughts, and emotions on a deeper level. They can help you discover what you’re passionate about.


Maybe you want to do something for yourself in the middle of a hectic week, or a busy life. Therapy can help you navigate your feelings and thoughts and make you explore yourself further.

Therapy, in this sense, can be likened to discovering a lost art – a part of yourself drowned in obligations, problems, and expectations.

Letting go and forgiveness

While holding a long-time grudge isn’t something that can be diagnosed, its severe side effects can manifest in the form of relational, emotional, and physical wounds. Therapy can help you deal with these issues and forgive yourself.

You know by now that there are plenty of benefits from therapy. Whether you want to attend counseling for a mental condition or to enjoy a better life, Dr. Kimberly James of EddinsCounseling Group can help you! Book an appointment with them today and see a lot of difference in the way you see yourself, others, and the world.