Let us face the truth that menstruation is a nightmare of every woman. There are a lot of things that unpredictable. For example, there are times that you will feel severe pain in your abdomen caused by dysmenorrhea, having a heavy flow at work or at school that can cause leaks in your clothes.

However, despite that it is unpredictable you can still manage all of these. You can still have a carefree period, to feel great all week long instead of being annoyed with the situation. It is all in your mind and let me give you tips on how to feel better during your period.

Exercise To Ease The Pain

It may be so hard to rise from your bed when you have your menstruation. But if you don’t want to waste all your time of the week just because of your period, then you have to stand up and exercise. Do light activities like yoga, walking, swimming, or stretching it can improve the flow of your blood, which prevents cramping. You can plan a pool party with your girlfriends, and it is going to be fun. A lot of ways to do so you can enjoy the week instead of feeling worn out. the week instead of feeling worn out.

Enjoy The Heat

If you have dysmenorrhea, it feels like you want to die because of it painful. A heating pad or hot compress can save you. Put it on top of your tummy or at your back, and the heat will reduce the pain until you fall asleep and rest. The heat will soothe your muscles and ease all the discomfort you are feeling. So, it can be a perfect time for you to go to a sauna or if you don’t like then let your room to be a sauna place.

Choose The Best Menstrual Product That Suits You

For an on the go person, you have to choose the best product that can be your partner throughout the day. Look for a product that can protect you from leaks and allows you to feel fresh even when you have your period. These products include pads, tampons, the and menstrual cup.

Most of the women right now are using menstrual instead of pads because it can hold your flow up to 12 hours. You can save time and money because it is reusable. To know more about menstrual cups, you may check it out in daisymenstrualcup.com.

Stay Hydrated

Water will give all the energy we need while fighting against the pain and discomfort caused by menstruation. So you must drink enough water to regain the strength that your body needs. Drink at least eight glasses of water or more every day not only on the day of your menstruation but make it a habit. It may be odd to go to pee, but that is what you need to survive in this period.

Eat What Is Right To Eat

What you eat affects what you feel. If you only eat food that is right for your body, then you will feel better. Eat fresh fruit and green vegetables instead of junk food, salty food, and chocolates. These foods can worsen the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Eat food that can energize you to avoid feeling tired throughout the day. Eat healthily and be healthy.

Avoid Pain By Avoiding Caffeine

Caffeine might psychologically give you the soothing feeling, but the truth is it can worsen your period. It allows you to feel bloated, crampy, and achy, so it is better to avoid short term happiness of sipping your coffee or soft drinks than to suffer throughout the week. You can drink herbal iced tea or hot tea as an alternative. If you are craving for sweets, then eat just a small piece of dark chocolate.

Track Your Period

Going through your period is like you are on your battle, so you must be prepared to win. You can track your next period by recording it, or you can use a period tracker apps on your phone that will notify you ahead of time. At least you can prepare all the medicines you need for your dysmenorrhea, menstrual products you need to use or reschedule those important meetings you need to attend to prevent unpredictable scenarios.


Menstruation can be fun, and it only depends on how you are going to make it happen. If you do these tips then surely you will enjoy your period. Track your next cycle, and prepare for it, embrace the fact that menstruation is a natural event of every woman.

You must deal with it and manage it right. Choose the best menstrual product that will protect and allows you to feel fresh. Your mood will depend on you, do not let your menstruation ruin your week because nothing can stop you from rising and from living life.