If you have ever used different types of carpets, then you’ll agree with me that wool carpets are a real deal. These carpets are resilient and strong, not to mention that they are also warm and very soft. The carpets are also easy to maintain and you can keep their appearance looking attractive and brand new. These qualities are largely attributed to the natural qualities of wool which translate into a handy carpet no matter the size or color you choose. Basically, wool has great elasticity, stain protection and soil resistance qualities.

It is hard for water-based spills to soak into the wool fibre which means that maintenance is easy. With the help of a carpet cleaning company, you can always maintain your carpet looking as new especially if you adopt a practice of cleaning it periodically. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of a wool carpet for it to remain clean and last longer: –

Defeat Dirt and Stains

Wool Carpet
Dirt and stains can mess up your wool carpets greatly. Although it is not possible to keep dirt away completely, you can reduce the amount that reaches your carpets by placing absorbent mats in areas that are frequently used including the entrances into your house. This helps to trap dirt from shoes or feet before it reaches your carpets.

These mats should also be cleaned as regularly as possible or when dirty so that the dirt trapped on them is not eventually transferred to the carpet. If you are using an air or heating condition system, consider changing the filters after some time so that dust particles aren’t dispersed into the air and onto your carpets.

Vacuum regularly

Wool Carpet
A good vacuuming schedule is very important when you want to maintain your wool carpet. This does not require the involvement of a carpet cleaning company but you can do it comfortably if you have a quality vacuum cleaner. Frequent vacuuming will help prevent against dirt accumulation. If you have a cut pile wool carpet, consider buying an upright vacuum but if yours ii a looped Berber wool carpet, then a suction-only vacuum cleaner will be the best as it helps prevent against excessive shedding.

Have it cleaned professionally

Wool Carpet
Having your carpet cleaned professionally is very important especially after every few months. This helps extract any dirt that is trapped and entrenched deep within and which might not be removed successfully during the normal vacuuming. You should look for a carpet cleaning company in your area but make sure to research and establish that they are professional and able to handle your carpet the way it should. A few reviews and referrals could help you find the right carpet cleaning professional to work with.

Clean frequently used areas more often

Wool Carpet
Traffic lanes can be greatly affected due to the high traffic they come into contact with. As such, it is important for you to pay some special attention on these areas and others next to the frequently used furniture. You may need to clean these areas frequently or else dirt will accumulate more and become visible and profound. Clean these areas frequently to avoid a complete degeneration of the carpet.

Use non-toxic solutions

Wool Carpet
Carpets do need deodorising and pre-spraying as part of the cleaning process. It is important to choose the solutions for use carefully and if at all you are working with a carpet cleaning company, make sure that what they use is safe and non-toxic products.

This process is always important as it helps loosen the dirt for easier cleaning while at the same time killing the bacteria likely to cause bad odour in the carpets. The right solutions will not only be safe for you but also prevent against the soiling of your carpet. The solution should also be wool safe!

Don’t expose the carpets to direct sunlight

Wool Carpet
As with every other dyed textiles, colored carpets will fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. As such, you should take care of your wool carpet by shielding it from direct sunlight and this can be done by using shades, blinds, curtains or awnings. You do not want your carpet to lose color and look unattractive.

Clean spills immediately

Wool Carpet
In case of any spills on the carpet, immediate cleaning is recommended. This can be done using paper towels and safe cleaning solutions. If left to dry, these spilled items will become stains that might be hard to remove. Always handle the spills right away.

In most cases, cleaning a carpet can pose some challenges and be time consuming. You can however take away the stress by involving a carpet cleaning company in your area such as Eco Clean Solutions. However, always take your time to research the company and make sure those washing your carpets are certified and fully-insured.