Are you wondering about things that you definitely need to throw before you move? Well, it can be a daunting task, especially if you need to get rid of something that you hold special. Whether you are simply downsizing or looking to de-junk before you move, it is a wise decision. Cutting your clutter by half also means, reducing moving expense considerably.

Here is a list of 7 things you need to toss away rather than pack—

Small Kitchen Appliances and Utensils

When moving, things from your kitchen occupies almost 20 percent of your moving items list. You can begin by striking off small kitchen appliance, for instance, that toaster oven that you have owned for years and is now full of crumbs, get rid of it! You can always buy a new toaster-griller, with so many options available online. Also, do not forget to toss away the unmatching dishes, glasses, worn-out cutlery or heavy utensils. You will thank yourself later for choosing to rid yourself off of the old kitchen stuff. Just remember to discard all of it responsibly.


Most of you reading this will confirm being a bibliophile and guilty of books hoarding—aren’t you? Well, it is time to get rid of the dust-ridden books or the ones unused that will not re-read or ever read. You can always donate, sell or organise a small book fair in your apartment for your friend to come over and take away whatever they like. As beautiful they are, once they have served their purpose in your life, it is likely you will not be re-reading them. Just say goodbye and let them go!

Food Items

Until it is non-perishable, you would want to empty your fridge before you move. While it is easier to pack canned food, ready to cook and other non-perishables, like pasta, cereals etc., it is advisable to not bring everything with you. You can consider donating both the perishables and the non-perishables to the needy. Start over and give away or responsibly dispose off whatever you can.

Old Furniture

Whether you are downsizing or simply letting go of the old stuff, you must let go of the old furniture. Why? The reason is quite simple—the cheap furniture you are willing to move to the new house is a waste of money. You can repurchase it or buy something better in half its moving cost. Be smart and be very selective of the furniture you are going to move to the new house.

Pro Tip: Certain pieces of furniture are antique and no matter how many times you move, it goes with you. In this case, you should definitely connect withF&M Bennett & Son, Removals and Storage specialist for safe storage or moving of your delicate furniture goods. Rest assured your precious piece of antique is in good hands.


While you are downsizing before you move, make sure to spend a good few hours scouring through your cupboard. It will help you get rid of clothes that you do not wear anymore. Let go off all the clothing materials that are ghosts of fashion past, the ones you haven’t worn in a year or two and those that are worn-out. Attachment is one thing, but do not forget the space all your clothes will consume (unless you are considering a storage specialist). It is a wise decision to either donate your clothes to the needy or dispose of responsibly.

Old Pillows

It is always better to get rid of the old decorative pillows, or old pillows in general (unless you made a recent purchase or cannot sleep without your favourite pillow). Consider this; pillows are prone to accumulating dirt and also excessive old energy. If you are genuinely looking to begin anew, get rid of the old, especially the old pillows and cushions.

Bathroom Necessities

From old towels to that 2-years old hand lotion, toss away everything that you do not require anymore. Dispose off everything that is expired, or you do not use anymore. There is no point in hoarding something you can buy. Also, you can consider switching your bath necessities to organic products and do away with all the chemical-laden products. It is a great way to begin a new life in every way possible.

Moving homes can be a hassle-free experience if you choose minimalism. When you decide to toss away everything that does not serve any purpose, you have the room to replace old with better things. Finally, remember to pack light and cut down on moving expense substantially.