The idea of content importance is unlikely to be a surprise for anyone. The problem is that good content means nothing if nobody sees it or you make no efforts for people to know about it. Good deeds are preferably to be kept in secret, but such tactics doesn’t work if we talk about marketing. The more people know about you, the better. And the more brilliant and useful your content is, the luckier you are.

Googling how to make your website visible may lead to thousands of tactics, so that you may reject vast majority of them and get lost in the remaining ones. Besides, there are some tactics that may seem unsuitable for your business. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about – we have gathered 7 universal practices that will require some diligence, but not extra powers and abilities.

Use emails to the maximum

We hope that your email database consists of those who are really interested in you and look forward to hear from you.

Inform your audience via this channel after making a new post. Create substantial message what your post is about to encourage clicking and, of course, add call to action to share your material.

Come to analytics in a week to learn who skipped your message. Then you should write one more letter with another topic to the same group and track how many clicks you have missed.

Mind frequency: weekly mail-out means once a week, not more often.

Communicate with your audience

As one of many options, you can control the situation in social media. Enter all relevant groups to your field, communicate with inhabitants and offer your material in natural manner.

There are also thousands of Internet communities where you can talk to adherents. Come to such place as Quora and answer the questions, you can offer your materials as an additional assistance.

Join online advertising platforms
They generally offer different models of payment, but Pay-Per-Click (PPC) will be the most suitable for you. Impressions are nothing in this case, you are interested in their entering your pages with relevant materials.

Use tool of social media

To be honest, people are overloaded with the content and may feel not ready to share your posts. But you don’t have to worry. Offer your materials to people who already share something of this kind. One hint here is, first of all, that in case of success it is better to offer the content to those who have more likes and reposts – thus, you will attract visitors of this profile.

There is something else except social media

There are people who don’t have neither active use places like Facebook, but they have to own electronic mailbox. There are at least several options you can achieve with the right cold letter to a key person:

  • enlarging link mass;
  • getting feedbacks;
  • encouragement of reciprocity.

Be spotted in newsfeeds

No, we don’t push for making something extraordinary, everything is simpler. It would be good for your content to be reflected on the news reports, probably, some information from the area. By doing so, you will earn backlinks and attract attention of people with relevant interests.

Cooperate with other experts and website of your field

Invite experts to your website and ask them to give interview or share the opinion. Don’t forget asking to share a link with your material on your guest’s website or page in social networks.

And, vice versa, write for other websites with the same provision.

By doing so, you will interchange your audiences, get natural backlinks that is very cool for search engines and, last, but not least, increase your popularity.

Last advice

Some pieces of information we stated may work better than others. You can combine several approaches or adapt them to your needs to get highest results.