New York – the city of opportunities

New York is the largest city in the US and one of the largest cities in the world. It is conveniently located near the Hudson River and spans 36 miles from north to south.
The peculiarity of New York is that, due to its multi-cultural nature, it attracts the attention of a huge number of completely different people. Someone goes here for shopping, some are interested in stunning museums of the city, and someone wants to come to one of the hip-hop parties of the Bronx or wants to enjoy the voices of the Metropolitan Opera, old Dutch-style buildings, or the shining mirror facades of skyscrapers.

Los Angeles – the city of entertainment

Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is the world’s capital of entertainment, it’s not just a movie industry capital. It is the city of the eccentric Venice Beach, a district in the west of the city with beaches, canals, basketball courts and bicycle paths, art galleries, and restaurants in Santa Monica, independent suburbs, like Los Feliz and Silverlake, surfer beaches like Malibu, and Griffith Park. Dig deeper, and discover a huge number of museums of all kinds of art, experiencing a cultural revival of the city center and full of life multi-national areas – excellent food is there to find, just turn around the corner. Don’t forget to check out for all the US news out there.

Seattle – the city of ideas

A modern city on the Pacific coast, Seattle has the ability to transform the ideas that originated here into global brands. It earned a place in the pantheon of the “great” megacities of the United States with the world-famous music industry, a vibrant coffee culture, and a propensity for Internet innovation.

But while fashion legislators are trying to find sensations of a material kind, urban traditionalists keep the spirit of the city in the areas where the culture of their own grown food is flourishing, and perhaps the best open market of the country is Pike Place.

Miami – the city of beaches

What a lucky city! Others are satisfied with one or two merits, but Miami’s got everything. Pass the beaches and the historic area of Art Deco, and every turn will open new faces. On the smoke-filled dance floors, Havana emigrants dance sleep and boleros, in Brazilian nightclubs, Brazilian models with flashing eyes dance Latino hip-hop, and in the park, old men enjoy the game of dominoes. To top it all off, in the streets and in restaurants, you can taste delicious dishes of Caribbean, Cuban, Argentine, and Spanish cuisine. Miami is also a great place for senior dating, for all the needs of sparking again a relationship, seeing great things together, reigniting their love.

San Francisco – the city of freedom

Drowning in the thump of old-fashioned trams and creeping into the evening thick fog, San Francisco extends to the hills and valleys. It invites to take a long journey to get acquainted with music shops, world-class restaurants, and the nightlife of the local elite.

Turning around the corner, you’ll see a stunning view of the coastline. Its beauty will conquer you. When you’re done enjoying the view, visit the lush vineyards in the valleys of Napa, Sonoma Rush River, lying to the north of the city. Travel and taste wonderful wine and fresh vegetables from the gardens – this is the “wine country.”

Las Vegas – the city of gambling

The city of sin is the heart of American dreams that radiates the neon light of a brilliant life. Here, the names of the billionaires are flickering on the roofs of luxury hotels. Here, the noise of the slot machines, the tinkling of martini glasses, and the hypnotic rhythms of the DJs that don’t stop until dawn merge into a single sound.

Sip cocktails, sitting under the palm tree or play blackjack at the pool. Visit Paris, the Wild West, and the tropical island – all in one evening. Here, everything is available around the clock at the price of a poker chip (and a fraction of luck).

Hawaii – the heavenly city

Hawaii is a magical place. Where else in such a small area will you find tropical rain forests, smoking volcanoes, rumbling waterfalls, and beautiful beaches? Beautiful hiking trails and opportunities for kayaking with ancient coastal rocks, surfing (for pros and beginners), and the elusive charm of the island: just admire the view and enjoy a wonderful meal.

In addition, Hawaii has its own culture, imbued with the Polynesian atmosphere of relaxation. Be ready to spend more time here than expected.