House paint trends for 2019 offer choices for everyone, from the traditionalist to those seeking to make a bolder statement. Here are the seven main trends that we here at Elite Painting Brisbane have observed. Consider one of them to update the look of your home.

1. Earth Tones

Earth tones like gray continue to be a favorite, but warmer earth tones like greige, taupe, desert beige, and brown extend your exterior palette choices. While both taupe and greige combine gray and brown, taupe tends more to cooler shade of brown while greige represents a warmer shade of gray.

Outline these earth tones with a boldly contrasting colors like white for your side strips, window frames, gutters, and soffits, and choose a different boldly contrasting color for your roof.

Another updated contrast for brown is light blue or light blue-gray.

The angle at which the sun strikes your home can affect the look of these neutrals, so you might want to test a sample in your yard before making a final choice.

2. Moss Green and Spanish Moss

The tones of moss green and Spanish moss bring the feel of a nature retreat to your home. They let you make a statement with a fresh, new color, yet the brown undertones of these colors let your neighbors feel comfortable with your choice.

While pure white does not pair well with these greens, cream or muted variations of white, as well as dark gray, make good choices for your trim, roof, and window frame colors. These colors really accentuate the shrubs and flower beds you plant around your home.

3. The Moss and Earth Tones Nature Combination

Another trend is to paint two different sections of your house in two different colors. For example, you might paint the upper story in desert beige and the lower story in brown or Spanish moss. Study your house looking for two geometrical segments that balance each other, and then choose one color for each section. Choose colors for your gutters, soffits, window and door frames, roof, and side strips that compliment the colors you choose to combine – either contrasting colors or cream, dark gray, or muted variations of white.

If you like the idea of combining the earth tones with the moss greens, but the idea of painting two entire sections of your home in two different colors feels too dramatic to you, try a more subtle variation on the look. Choose one of the earth tones or moss greens for you exterior walls; use another of these colors for your roof and your recessed exterior entrance, if you have one; and use a third color for your gutters, soffits, side strips, and window frames.

4. Blues From the Sea and Sky

These blues offer another way to create a fresh look for your home without veering to far into the dramatically different. Sea blues with a touch of green can range from pale pastel to richer jewel tones while sky-blues and blue-grays also range from light pastel to darker shades like stormy gray or blueprint, Behr’s paint color of the year for 2019.

These blue variations on the trend toward selecting neutrals and colors from nature trend a bit more toward the adventurous while still providing a feeling of serenity.

Pair any of these blues with crisp, pure white trim, but also consider pairing stormy gray with charcoal or both charcoal and white.

5. Pastels

Moving one step beyond pastel blue into more adventurous choices, consider other pastel shades like lilac, lemon, and blush peach. These tints are so light, they are almost neutrals that won’t clash with the other exterior colors in your neighborhood.

Pair white trim with lilac, but try warmer beige colors with lemon and peach. Matte finish paint creates a soft, relaxed atmosphere, but adding metallic accents to your exterior décor adds sophistication and glamor.

6. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones like a smoky ruby red, smoky mauve amethyst, smoky topaz, or dark emerald green along with tints and shades of gold take you one step further into adventurous exterior choices. They evoke richness while retaining an earth tone feel.

Brighter, more lustrous jewel tones represent an even more adventurous choice that convey joyful, youthful vitality. Opal offers another light jewel tone shade.

Pair these colors with pure white trim for window and door frames, soffits, gutters and side strips. Try shades of brown or gray for roofing colors.

7. Black

For the most dramatic and adventurous exterior trend choice of all, try painting your house in pure black. Like the darker neutral colors of brown, gray, and stormy gray, it offers a sophisticated look. An all black exterior goes beyond sophistication, though, and takes the look firmly into the contemporary.

Pure white trim pulls the popular tuxedo look from the interior of your home to the exterior. Gray and greige offer contrasting choices for your roof, window and door frames, side strips, gutters, and soffits. Another option would be to combine grey or greige with white.

Whether you’re the truly adventurous type who’s seeking to make a dramatically different statement with your home’s exterior, or you’re more of a traditionalist who just wants to freshen the look of your home, one of these trends should offer exactly the look you want. For one last trendy tip, consider adding personality to your home by painting your front door in a vivid color like red that boldly contrasts with the other color choices you’ve made for your roof, trim, and exterior walls.