The day has come — you’ve decided to make a major home renovation after 15 years from the last one or you’ve just moved into a new house and you want to make it your very own home. Hiring a construction crew, consultations with electricians and plumbers, the exact design of the interior is still ahead of you. That’s a lot! However, you’re not particularly worried. Who, if not you, is going to make it?

Let us blow away your overambitious visions.

Laying all the tasks at your doorstep is simply irresponsible. Both out of regard for the renovation itself, as well as for your mental and physical health. It’s natural that during such a significant event in your life, you’d like to have everything under control. But let professionalists support you! After all, alongside every great movie director stands director’s assistant. It’s no different with home renovations!

Together with, we prepared the following list of undeniable reasons to convince you why hiring an interior designer will be the best decision of your life.

1. A Solid Network of Construction Pros

An experienced and passionate interior designer is naturally surrounded by great construction workers and craftsmen. Cooperating with a person with such strong and tested connections is the perfect recipe for your perfect dream nest.

2. Keep It Frugal

You’re going to work with an absolute home improvement specialist. Just compare — how many general renovations you’ve been through and the person your thinking of hiring?

Someone who’s been in the field for years knows the best unpopular, unusual solutions to save up a few cents here and there. Make good use of it!

3. Precious Resources

Checkpoints 1. and 2. and…

Most of us are getting coffee on their way to work almost every day. We’re sure you have your favourite coffee house, as well. You’re coming by there so often that you probably have their loyalty card already, isn’t that right?

The same goes for renovation and crafts stores! Wait, there’s more news. Designers and architects often have special discounts just because of their professions. No, no, that’s not all yet. Entrepreneurs have the possibility of buying needed supplies with a VAT invoice. That means the price for professionalists is smaller by the tax value.

4. A Sensible Style Makeover

Having a third party while designing your interior is a good opportunity to examine your style. You feel that you just HAVE to buy that unbelievably expensive IKEA plaid chair you’ve been dreaming of for months, or paint your living room black to reflect your dark romantic soul.

BEEEEP — unnecessary expenses alert! Extremely bad taste alert!

Your interior designer will show you the best flea markets where you can get a similar chair, but for a lower price and with soul, history and authenticity. They will also stop you from ruining your living room.

There’s nothing wrong with black being your spirit colour. But there’s also no need to force it on your guests from every possible side. Instead of that, your designer will help you choose elegant black accessories or put a tasteful accent of black colour on the walls.

The Green Responsibility

Interior designers have to be up-to-date with the newest trends but also with ministerial requirements regarding safety and ecology, e.g. water and electricity use. Such knowledge enables us to create an environment-friendly place to live.

5. Healthy Personalization

A pro designer will come up with solutions that will be safe and useful for your potential special requirements. A personalized wheelchair-friendly apartment? No problem! Are you taller than average people for whom the kitchen furniture is originally designed? A pro will help you find the best carpenter to make a tailored kitchen appropriate for your very own needs!

6. Just in Case — Ready for Sale

You never know when and why you’re going to have to move out. Collaborating with an expert will increase your property’s value. Every room will be a small, carefully planned perfection.
Electricity and plumbing checked and properly exchanged if needed. Your professionally designed house will meet every possible buyer’s requirements!

7. Surprise!

Letting in someone else’s design influences to your home will be an unforgettable adventure. Two heads are better than one — confront your visions with other mind’s ideas and solutions, and let yourself get surprised by the end effect!