Have you ever drooled over the images of designer bathrooms online? With all their facilities and elegance, it is hard to look at them and not want a similar bathroom in your own house.

There is a misconception that if you want to give any space a high-end look, you need to have a large budget. While it is true that the more money you will spend, the greater the result will be, you can still manage to create a luxurious look in moderate money. The key to doing all of it in a budget-friendly way is to learn some clever tricks. Keep on reading this article to find out how you can make your dream become a reality!

Tile Your Walls

Your bathroom walls act as a backdrop, and that is why they need to be clean and presentable. The problem with the conventional painted walls in a bathroom is that the moisture can quickly stain them.

Tiling half or the entire wall surface can give a nice polished look, but it can get a little costly. White ceramic subway tiles are a good option as they are available at affordable prices in some stores. But the finished look is not as charming and can seem a little bland. You can make the tiles noticeable by using a colored grout.

Another idea is that instead of the typical 3-inch by 6-inch format, look for something different. If you choose tiles that are 4 by 8 inches, your walls will stand out.

Install a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

Whenever you think of a luxurious bathroom, a glorious hot tub comes into mind. Naturally, it is also the most expensive feature in your bathroom.

When it comes to comfort, you must think about hot tub vs Jacuzzi. Which provides the most comfort at the lowest price? You may be able to get a gorgeous vintage tub at a local salvage shop. If you can find a Jacuzzi at an affordable price, it will be worth the investment.

Upgrade All Your Knobs and Fixtures

We always stress the importance of making your bathroom look clean. Sometimes the fixtures in the bathroom can be dirty or old fashioned. Upgrade them by installing new pieces, and you will be surprised how a small thing as a towel bar can change your bathroom’s look.

If your door knobs or drawer knobs are broken, get a new one. A luxurious bathroom is supposed to be up-to-date!

Brighten Up the Bathroom

You might have noticed that everyone looks better in hotel bathroom mirrors. The reason is that those bathrooms are brightly lit. The best way to soak your bathroom in lights is by installing lights on either side of your mirror. If your budget allows it, add a few LED lights to the ceiling. It should do the trick!

Bathroom Rug

If you ask any experts, they will tell you that the floor of your bathroom has the most impact. If you want to splurge on any part of your bathroom, it should be the floor. A stone mosaic looks amazing, but it can be expensive. Instead, you can get a bathroom rug to give your floor the texture it needs. It will also be a great way to add some extra color to the space.

Your bathroom rug/mat will be one of the focal points, and the eye will be drawn to it. The size of your rug should be perfect. It should not be too small that it fails to cover the floor, and it should not be too large that you have to fold its edges.

Consider Using Chrome

When you are picking a finish for your plumbing fittings, you will be faced with a lot of options like nickel, bronze, brass etc. We recommend choosing chrome as it is the least expensive. On the brighter side, it is also easy to maintain and will look apt in both modern and traditional spaces.

Bring Inside Nature

Plants have the ability to give a fresh and clean look no matter where you put them. Tropical plants like ferns and philodendrons thrive in a bathroom. Let the plants trail down from window sills or hang eucalyptus from the ceiling. Bringing the greenery to your bathroom will give a classic hotel finish and add a sense of life to your shower space.

Choosing smart is the key to creating a luxe bathroom look in a limited budget! Good Luck!

Author Bio:

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