Unlike a lot of fish species in the ocean, most anglers are excited with tuna, especially the big tuna. There are several species of tuna in the world; offshore you may find yellowfin, bluefin, albacore and bigeyes, while inshore you can get a glimpse of mackerel tuna, skipjack, longtails and bonito.

For a long time, trolling has been one of the best methods for catching tuna, especially yellowfin and bluefin. And when it comes to trolling for tuna fishing, the best chance of catching a tuna is by using effective lures. This article will walk you through seven of the best tuna lures online.

Squid Rigs

They are typically made of soft plastics having a similar design as that of a real squid. Anglers can run squid rigs as singles (equip in daisy chains on the heavy mono-filament leader), but many also like to rig them in a string of four to six squids.

It is best to pick squid rigs with natural colours, such as light brown or cream. But some anglers do love using the rainbow-coloured squid. They should try and test multiple colour varieties to test the effectivity of the lures.

As for the sizes, anglers may choose whichever size they prefer. But the most commonly used sizes are between the range of 11 and 17 inches, with 13 inches being a robust all-round producer.
The lures create splashing and commotion, which help entice the tunas into the spread. You can find quite a few famous brands for squid tuna lures online.

Cedar Plugs

Cedar plugs are the tried and tested, timeless lures, which provide favourable outcome over and over again. Initially, they are used by commercial fishers. They come in a natural colour and painted variety. Similar to squid rings, anglers can run them as singles or in chains.

Ronz Tuna Lures

Pink Ronz lures are by far the most popular choice amongst anglers, followed by silver or white lures. Fishers can vertically jig, troll, or cast them at a school. The most dependable all-around producer is the 4 oz.

Feather Tuna Lures

This type of lure has an acrylic jet heat and comes in a variety of colours and supplied by multiple manufacturers. The most recommended colour combinations for feather lures are white and blue, black and blue-purple, and yellow and green. Fishers can run them either individually or on spreader bars. It lures over plenty of water and strikes at the tuna when the latter get fussy.

Small Chugger Tuna Lures

This lure has a cupped face with a flexible plastic skirt. They cause a commotion as they spit and leave trails of smoke on the surface. Their colour patterns are similar to those of baitfish. However, the sound and action they produce prompt reactionary strikes.

Green Machine Tuna Lures

Green machine is a classic lure with acrylic jet head and a plastic skirt. It is considered as one of the best tuna lures of all time. Anglers can rig it individually or in a series. Its actions and appearance resemble the ballyhoo, which makes tuna impossible to resist.

Metal Jet Head

Just like the Green Machine, metal jet head leave a long, alluring trail of smoke. It is inexpensive and easy to rig.
There are various types of tuna lures available in the market, both local and online. The best tuna lures online include the squid rigs, cedar plugs, Ronz, feather lures, small chugger lures, green machine and metal jet head trolling lures.