The smartphone is one of the most useful devices for this generation. It is the inspiration for important trends both for lifestyle and in business. In fact, most people these days cannot go a day without their smartphone because it allows them to engage in many of their favorite activities and accomplishes their responsibilities.

Most businesses, on the other hand, also cannot go about their operations without using smartphones. As digital technology changes the way enterprises are run, it has become imperative to tap into the different capabilities of the smartphone in performing day-to-day processes.

Therefore, if you are a business owner, and your goal is to grow your operations and sales rapidly, you need to determine the various ways a smartphone can serve such an objective.

To get you started, here are six ways by which you can grow your business through your smartphone.

1. Keep a record of your loyal customers.

Make sure that you have the contact details of your loyal customers on the main smartphone being used for your business so you can easily keep in touch with them. It’s worth noting that the contacts feature of smartphones does not only save contact details but also other essential information.

Say, you are in the food business, you can easily encode customer preferences under their contact details. This will make it a breeze to provide them with the products they frequently order according to how they like them — such as customers who may have certain food allergies or a dislike for specific ingredients.

2. Use free calling minutes for cold calls.

Take advantage of the free call minutes provision phone plans come with to call both loyal and potential customers to ask how your business can best serve them.

Every growing business should tap into the art of cold calling to demonstrate commitment and exceptional customer service. The people you call may not purchase all the time, but you can be confident that you are leaving a good and lasting impression that may eventually lead to conversion.

3. Text to inform.

Always text your customers about the latest developments, deals, and upcoming events in your business. You can also text them the perks and privileges you have in store for them.

This is easy enough to do even if your operations are still small. Just take advantage of the free minutes for SMS that your phone plan may come with. You can send a single, concise text message to all your contacts in a single go without the added effort and cost.

4. Use social media to promote.

One of the best things about smartphones is that they often already come with apps which are made by creative app developers for popular social media sites. You can stay logged into these sites the whole day, especially if your phone plan comes with unlimited Internet service.

You can post promotional messages on Facebook and Twitter and share marketing images on Pinterest and Instagram every day. This is an excellent way to maintain market relevance and interact directly with your target audience by responding to queries and completing sales.

5. Take Instagram pictures with your phone.

Instagram pictures do not need messages; a picture will suffice as a marketing tool. You can take photos for Instagram in a hassle-free manner using your phone to regularly update your followers.

This strategy is particularly useful for retail and food businesses. Instagram pictures are a great way to show off merchandise and appeal to the desires of potential buyers.

6. Use organizing and scheduling apps to stay on top of tasks.

Staying organized is a must for optimum productivity. Do not miss appointments and remain focused on tasks by using different organizing and scheduling apps such as Todoist and

These smartphone productivity tools can help you with everything — from planning projects, setting appointments, monitoring deadlines, collaborating with partners and employees, and so much more. You can stay consistent with your output to stabilize and then eventually improve your operations.

Run your business the smartphone way

Indeed, in this mobile world, the smartphone has proven to be a vital tool for everyone.

So if you wish to target your intended audience better and boost your enterprise’s productivity, study how much people rely on their phones, and you will surely find ways to address their needs using the same device.

Author Bio:

Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.