Eyebrows have always been an essential aspect of fashion throughout history. Ancient Egyptians often applied make-up to elongate and darken the brows, whereas people in the middle ages would often remove excess hair around the eyebrows or the eyebrow entirely. Through the ages, eyebrows went through thin and thick. Far from fashion and trends, eyebrows serve for protection purposes by re-directing debris and sweat away from the eyes. Moreover, they play a role in communication where they aid in the expression of emotion. Thus far, upon the emergence of eyebrow transplants, many have sought after the treatment to restore or reshape their eyebrows.

1-They are permanent

Eyebrow transplants are permanent, a factor that contributed to their popularity. Hair transplants extract hair from regions similar to eyebrow hair and transplanting them to achieve the eyebrow shape requested. Upon relocation, the follicular units continue to initiate growth in the new areas.

2-They look natural

Contrary to popular belief, eyebrow transplants do not extract hair from areas such as the beard or body. What happens is the hair removed, is harvested from areas such as behind the ears to match the texture of the eyebrows. The follicular units will grow to blend with the natural eyebrows very well.

3-You can shape your eyebrows how you want

With constant threading or waxing, eyebrows can become permanently thinner. While make-up is a quick solution, many want the feel and look of natural eyebrows that cannot be replaced. Whether you have naturally lost your eyebrows or lost them in an accident, hair transplants can reverse the lost hair. Moreover, since the hair will be transplanted individually, your surgeon can shape them however way you desire.

4-They are cheaper in Turkey

For many, the dream of getting back their eyebrows or obtaining the shape and thickness they desire can be somewhat expensive. As a result, they stick to draw-on eyebrows while simultaneously craving the feel and confidence of real ones. Countries like Turkey offer affordable transplants without compromising on the quality. Moreover, the techniques of hair transplantation are versatile seeing as Turkey is the capital of hair transplantation. With thousands of techniques to choose from, patients can choose what is best for them and most effective.

5-They are scar-free

Most fear scars, particularly since eyebrows are on our faces and the consequences are something that we’d live with for the rest of our lives. However, the procedure is run using micro-blades that create incisions very small in size the scars left behind are microscopic. They are not visible with the naked eye, and usually covered over with hair.

6-You can do what you want with them

After eyebrow transplantation, the hair will grow and mimic natural hair. You can thread, shave, or even dye it. You are free to later do what you want with it without fear of losing it.

In summary

Eyebrow transplants provide a way for those who lost their eyebrows through an accident or consistent threading, or simply for those who wish to thicken or reshape their eyebrows. They are permanent with scar-free natural-looking results. Turkey provides hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation for affordable rates without compromising on the quality. Contact us if you are interested in eyebrow transplants and want to know more.