To buy a sofa for your living room, we find ourselves choosing from endless possibilities of designs, quality and origins, which can make it a difficult decision. Many people have regretted buying a couch of poor quality or whose color or form doesn’t go well with the rest of the room, etc.

So how can we buy the dream couch and still save our time and money? In this article, Kenli Furniture shares with you a few things to take into consideration in order to choose the right sofa.

1. The size

If you have a wide living room, it’s important to think how much of that space should be reserved for your sofa. Do you want side chairs or ottomans? A tea table?

If your room is big enough for one, a L-shaped couch would be a nice choice since this modern design fits in nicely with every space. Another good option would be to place one main couch with extra couches or ottomans around to create a homey ambience.

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If your space is a little more modest, you’ll need something more petite. Any sofa can become the center of a small room, which is why your couch needs to have an impressive design that’s easy to mix-and-match with the rest of the furniture.

2. The purpose

It’s necessary to determine how you will make use of your sofa. Do you want it placed in front of the TV and make it a spot for family fun times? Or do you want to create a cosy area for gatherings with friends and loved ones? Or are you buying it to make the entire room “pop”?

Please be sure of the couch’s purpose, as it will greatly affect other selection criteria.

3. The shape that is most suitable for your living room

After determining its purpose, it’s time to choose the right couch form that will fit the bill. For instance, an L-shaped couch can divide the room into open spaces, such as separating the living room from the dining room, whereas a round sofa would be great for gatherings.

4. The lining fabric

Aesthetics is surely important but function is the key factor when choosing the lining fabric for your sofa. A lot of people find white leather to their liking because of its regal beauty but they do bring a lot of inconveniences. It might be an awful choice if you have pets or small children, causing considerable damage and costs.

Leather-lined couches, especially those of dark colors, have an unfailing style, are for all ages and can easily be cleaned, which is why they are the number one choice for many.

5. The style that you want to achieve

Let your furniture embody your personal style. If you like it modern, choose pieces that reflect this preference. For example, a simplistic sofa with neutral colors can show off its owner’s sophisticated taste.

6. The colors

The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, therefore it’s essential that its colors go well with the entire space. If you’d prefer to be flexible and change your style often, neutral hues are what you need. They never go out of fashion throughout the endless waves of new trends.

If you can’t fit finding the couch of your dreams into your tight schedule, why not take a look at Kenli Furniture’s collection? With modern designs in various sizes, neutral tones and 100% Italian imported cow leather, our sofas are sure to brighten up your living room!