Oysters are a great source of nutrients. Their consumption in a daily diet could aid weight loss, increase metabolic activity and decrease cholesterol levels considerably. More so, these healthy Molluscs are eaten in diverse cultures across the globe.

If you’ve been wondering what makes oysters such an invincible part of a healthy diet, here’s the guide you need! Today, we will tour you across the 6 significant reasons why you need to add Oysters in your daily diet.

Oysters for a healthy living

There are different kinds of oysters in the market. While some are edible, others are feathered oysters that bear Shells. The edible oysters can be consumed by having the meat inside them. Apart from the relishing taste, this interesting seafood has a lot of benefits to offer.

Weight loss

Oysters have low calories. Those who are trying to lose weight can always lean on this flavourful dish to content their hunger without worrying about the quantity. Due to its power of rendering low calories, weight loss becomes easier. Recent sources found that oysters contain almost half the calories in comparison to other non-vegetarian food items.

However, oysters have a rich content of sodium. So, if you are a patient of high blood pressure or hypertension, it’s wise to avoid it.

Strengthens the bones

With a comprehensive list of packed nutrients in them, oysters make for incredible food that strengthens the bones. The high amount of minerals in them further stimulates the function of the bones and protects it from developing harmful health conditions especially, Osteoporosis.

High levels of Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc and selenium are also a part of the huge list of nutrients in oysters.

Great promoters of Protein

The importance of protein in our daily diet cannot be underplayed. For the most part, intaking adequate amounts of protein can alter the strength in the body and speed up the metabolism. When proteins break down with the help of the body’s enzymatic properties, the goodness of the proteins is absorbed within the body that drives good health.

Oysters are so high on Protein that its single-serving can satisfy nearly 1/3rd of your daily protein requirement. Tissue repairs, muscle strength, cellular growth and the list of benefits are practically endless that travels along with good proteins.

Treats sexual problems

Sexual problems ranging from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction has been a major turn off in relationships. If you are one of the victims, start consuming oysters today. The zinc content is 1500% more in oysters considering your daily requirement, it can treat these problems which mostly occur due to Zinc deficiency.

Moderate consumption of oysters can thus create a massive impact in your sexual performance. It is more beneficial for men than women.

Enhances blood circulation

Oysters have a high percentage of iron which renders enhanced blood circulation. Even in women who suffer from irregular menstruation, oysters can help aid the problem. Due to high quantities of iron, fatigue, anemia and even other severe problems like cognitive malfunction can be checked.

As iron regulates the red blood cells in the body, oysters can contribute to 90% of your daily iron requirement.

Accelerates healing

The high quantities of Zinc present in oysters also result in quick healing of wounds. More so, it also helps fight various infections and diseases that would have otherwise been difficult to defeat.

In both adults and children, oysters can serve a great purpose in boosting your immunity system which prevents you from hazardous infections. It also accelerates growth and development and smoothens bodily functions.

Many doctors also say that oysters are responsible for many other benefits in the human body like, boosting the immune system and protecting heart health. However, one must also keep in mind that oysters should be taken in a proper quantity to avoid the backfire.

As Oysters also contain high amounts of Sodium, people suffering from high blood pressure problems or hypertension should mostly constraint from intaking this food. If not restricted, it might enhance the issue leading to harmful problems.

Aside from this, Oysters are nutritious, healthy and highly powerful in combating both major and minor problems in the body.