Moving home is a stressful event, and one that takes a lot of organising. It’s also one where you put your trust in the people handling your prized possessions and furnishings, the moving company. You need to find a moving company that has the expertise required and that you feel you can trust, so we’ve put together a list of questions to ask when checking out your potential movers.

1: Ask to See Their License

It is vital that you hire a movers Raleigh NC who have the appropriate license. Licensed movers may be able to operate within the state or across state lines, and their operation will be regularly checked to ensure it meets the regulations required by the state. They will also offer you a good insurance package, which may not be provided by unlicensed moving companies. Check that the license is up to date and correct.

2: Do They Have a Permanent Team?

One problem that is often reported – even with licensed operators – is that they hire casual staff to do the job. This is not what you want, as you need expert movers who have a permanent, experienced and trained team to handle your valuable furnishings. There are certain ways to pack that help protect furniture and other items, and when it comes to specialist items you need an expert. For example, John’s Moving and Storage is a Raleigh-based moving company with an expert team ready to help with all your needs.

3: Out of Hours Contact

You can’t expect a moving company to work 24-hours a day, but you can expect them to answer any queries or concerns that may come about as quickly as possible. There are things you may forget in the initial consultation, and want to clarify quickly, so you may want to call them in an evening. As how long they will take to respond if you leave a question on an answering service, as you never know when you might want to talk to them.

4: Talk to the Person who will Manage Your Move

A good moving person will allocate a manager to plan and oversee the move both before and on the day. Ask who this will be in advance, so you can familiarise yourself with them, and outline any particular special requests or concerns you may have. You’ll find they are only too happy to talk to you and make note of your requests, and will do their best to accommodate you as best they can.

5: What About the Stuff You Don’t Want?

Some moving companies – but not all of them – will include in the service taking away and disposing of any trash or items you may not want to take with you. This is a service that it is important to consider in advance, as if the moving company don’t provide it, you might need to find someone else to do it. Your moving company should be able to recommend someone in that event.

6: What About Damaged Goods?

While the movers will do all they can to ensure your belongings arrive at the destination as they left the old house, accidents can happen, and damage can occur. Make sure you understand the compensation that is offered in this eventuality, and ensure it is all in writing on your contract or agreement.

Those are six questions you should ask moving companies in advance of the move, and there may be more that you have noted down. Don’t be afraid to ask – a good, professional service provider will always be happy to answer any questions you might have.