No matter how healthy we live or eat but we are never toxic free as we are continuously absorbing toxic things through the air we breathe, the food we eat and through the water we drink which can lead us to illness and removal of these toxins from our body is called detoxification. Scientifically it can be said that it is mainly the medical removal of toxins from the human body by the liver, detoxification is done mostly after long-term use of some addictive substances.

Alcohol and cigarettes are very harmful addictive substances and getting rid of these addictions is a real battle. There is actually a relationship between alcohol and cigarette that if you become strong-willed to leave alcohol and start getting treated for the same, the smoke will start following you and make you go desperately to have cigarettes. To get rid of all such sinful things, The process of Detoxification can prove to be a boon and can be very helpful for you or your loved ones to stay healthy. The detoxification is basically a cleansing of different body parts like liver detoxification, kidney detoxification, and skin detoxification. Here we are going to talk about the best way to detox from alcohol and you can also visit this center for more information.

1. Start with a balanced diet

With so many diet plans or detox plans available it can be too much confusing and can misguide you from your goal of cleansing, our primary focus should be on food which is packed with antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in fiber. When you first start your alcohol detox diet which is usually of 24 to 72 hours, it might be difficult for you to keep down food, even if healthy we should not have heavy meals but we should focus on liquids such as soups, green tea, coconut water. Since alcohol is heavy on sugar, people detoxing for alcohol may crave for sweets so we should try to minimize our consumption of sweets gradually. A balanced diet should also include protein such as fish and poultry items; it’s also important to use healthy oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.

2. Using relaxation technique to combat stress

“I need to drink” has been the auto-reply for many going through stress. It had been a Friday tradition to hold a bottle of alcohol unwinding from a long work week. Alcohol works as a depressant on the nervous system which leads to several immediate effects which slow down our heart rate and breathing and thus giving us a relaxed feeling. We are likely to lose our inhibition which decreases our worries and stress. The best way to detox is to meditate. Meditation is the idea of sitting alone with your own thoughts and visualizing them whether they are good or bad. At first, it can be quite distracting, but as you get used to it, you will find yourself liking it. It is the best antidote to deal with stress in spite of alcohol.

3. Stay away from caffeine

To detox your body from alcohol, you should cut down your caffeine intake which can results in a headache because eliminating caffeine means increased blood flow to the brain which causes the headache. Fatigue, as a cup coffee or tea, works as an energy booster. For many it acts as a stimulant and weaning off can make you feel tired. Caffeine reduction can also cause anxiety, depressed mood, irritability, and low energy but we should follow some steps to avoid the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. As we should cut back slowly, we should also try to stay hydrated by drinking enough water, and we should get enough sleep.

4. Do I need a detox program?

If you need alcohol to keep your body normal then your question is answered here. Everyone has a different need when it comes to treating alcohol as the symptoms may vary from person to person depending on the intake of it. Getting through detox isn’t just willpower it needs medical help too, sometimes withdrawal can be life threatening too. Detox program gives you support and guides you through the withdrawal. Fighting with alcohol is not an easy task, it demands enormous willpower with the right guidance.

5. Drink ample amount of water

Nothing can replace water when you are dehydrated you feel irritated, fatigue and confusion which are often taken as symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Water is essential, but we should also consume liquids which contain a high amount of electrolytes. This is the easiest and best way to detox. Drinking water early in the morning is the best way to drink water for detoxification, as at that point of time the process becomes very effective and help you get rid of all chemicals and impurities via urination.

6. Getting clean makes you stronger

By detoxifying your body you clean yourself from within, freeing your body from addictive alcohol. With the help of detoxification, you not only clean your vital organs like liver, but also get a superior health and long-lasting vitality. It makes you strong not only physically but mentally. Detoxifying is a way to bring your body back to its natural form in which it is supposed to be in to lead a healthy and blissful life.

Not always medically but our body can detoxify naturally too if given enough amount of water and a good diet. Foods rich in fiber should be consumed, and we should keep our self away from addictive drugs. However, it is always recommendable to consult your doctor first before opting for any health treatment to get your body detoxified, be it a herbal treatment or natural remedies. Tell your doctor about your alcohol addiction in detail like from when you have started, how much you are drinking and mention if you have any serious medical condition. All the information available related to your health is for your better understanding and education, but it can never be a substitute for medical counseling.