Storage Units

Everyone knows that storage units are invaluable during a big move. You can keep some of your items there to keep down on the clutter during unpacking, or when waiting between homes. You can even leave them in a storage unit to come back to later. But did you know there are many other uses for self-storage units?

While there is one distinct disadvantage to storage units, which is that your items may not always be readily accessible, there are also many benefits to their use. They can be used to get rid of clutter within the home, or for home business storage. If you need a spare closet, an office, library, or an extra garage, a storage unit can do that for you.

But nobody wants to spend a fortune on a storage unit. So, how do you ensure you get the best possible deal? By using the six following tips.

storage units

1: Choose Distance Units

Choosing a storage unit that isn’t in your immediate area or the immediate vicinity of a major town could save you a few dollars a month. The downside is that your items aren’t as close or accessible.

2: Skip the Climate Control

If you don’t need it, skipping the climate control could save you considerable money. Climate control is only needed if you’re storing sensitive items like electronics, musical instruments, valuable antiques, etc. If, for example, you’re only storing clothing, some papers, etc. you can opt for a regular unit.

3: Pick the Smallest Possible Unit

Take inventory of what you have, and pack everything the right way (see below) so you can choose the smallest possible unit to suit your needs.

storage units

4: Pay in Full

Many storage facilities offer a discount if you pay your contract off in full upon renting it. The savings typically range from $5 to $10 a month, but keep in mind not all units offer this. So, be sure to call ahead and ask if your chosen one does.

5: Pack the Right Way

To pack the right way, you want to utilize no more than three assorted sizes of boxes, although only two is preferred. Each box should be full, and not partially packed. This will save you significant space in the unit, and boxes can be stacked almost to the ceiling.

storage units

6: Sign a Long-Term Contract

Like paying in full, some facilities offer discounts if you sign a long-term contract. While not everyone may need a unit for six or more months, this is a great option for business owners or people utilizing self-storage as a spare room or closet for their home.

If you utilize these tips, you can be sure you get the best deal on storage units near you. If possible, take your time and do your research to maximize savings. Although you may not always have a lot of time when searching for a storage unit, be sure not to jump on the first one you find.