There’s no getting around it no matter how much we try to prevent it. Leaks are inevitable. It will happen to even the best roof in due time. Leaks present a different challenge because they might happen and go undetected for quite some time. Only when the evidence of damage is detected, then the leak is discovered. Sometimes days or weeks could pass before leaks are found and resolved. Repairing leaks should be a priority once a leak is discovered. This is to prevent further damage from happening.

If detected early, resolving a leak is quite an easy feat with the use of easy to get materials and basic home repair equipment.

Reattach curled shingle

The most common reason leaks on roofs happen is due to a missing or curled shingles. Shingles, as you know are waterproof material that direct water down the roof and into the gutter. Therefore, a missing piece or a misaligned piece will mean the waterproofing of the roof as a whole is compromised. This is easily mitigated by replacing the missing shingle or reattaching a curled one using a caulking gun to apply a roof sealant underneath the raised corners. Press the new shingle firmly down before covering the edges with roof cement.

Replace missing shingles

There are instances that many shingles are removed from the roof. This can happen after a heavy storm. It’s important to check your roof after such an event. When you notice a few missing shingles; head to your nearest hardware store and buy a matching replacement. After cleaning the roof of shingle debris, you can attach the new shingles using a knife to round the corners for easier installation. Lift the shingle above and slide the new one underneath before nailing it in place. Then apply roof cement over the nail and on the edges for a watertight seal.

Wood shake repair

Wood shake is basically roof shingles made of wood instead of asphalt. Damaged shakes would need to be split and the nail sawed off. The edges should then be sealed a roofing sealant to prevent water from seeping through. Replacing them follows almost the same step as replacing shingles but for more extensive damage, a professional like Brandon roofing should be consulted.

Repair cracks

Cracks can happen around vents, joints, and chimneys. Bubbles can also develop when moisture accumulates and eat away at the roofing material that can lead to leaks. Small cracks and bubbles can be mended using a roofing sealant. For bigger damages, the area would need to be patched.

Leaky joints

Chimneys, valleys, and vents are joined to the roof using caulk, sealants, or aluminum flashings. These are also areas where leaks commonly occur. Repairing worn caulk or sealant involves removing the old material and replacing it with new ones. For aluminum flashings damage, you will have to install new aluminum flashings and resealing it with a roofing sealant.

With a little patience and know-how about home repair, you can definitely repair leaks on your roof. Keep in mind to always use a secure ladder when climbing up on the roof wearing rubber-soled shoes.